How long would you survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Reading FEED by Mira Grant this past week made me think a lot about the zombie apocalypse and surviving it. Gail from Ticket to Anywhere found an awesome online quiz that you can try. So tell me how long will you survive. Tell me your scores and I will link you here!


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Tasha has a 51% chance of surviving.
Jenn has a 62% chance of surviving.
Gail has a 54% chance of surviving.
Vasilly has a 36% chance of surviving.
Catherine has a 40% chance of surviving.
Travis has a 59% chance of surviving.
Marco has a 63% chance of surviving.
Rebecca has 32% chance of surviving.

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    I got 40%. I suspect it has something to do with the “no guns” here.

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    I have a 59% chance… Not to shabby.

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    Okay, I’m going to die if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse. I got 32%. I’m pretty sure not wanting to kill my loved ones didn’t help. I said I’d just run away. Not a good survival skill.

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    I got a 42% which is higher than I expected. Perhaps I scored well on the hiding and fortifying entrances part, because I don ‘t have many other skills. I honestly suspect I’d be eaten rather quickly.

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    I have a 59% chance of survival. I’m semi-atheletic, but have zero experience with guns.

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    This was fun! I only have a 40% chance of surviving, so I guess I die pretty early in the movie. lol

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    Okay, I sucked the most!!! I only had a 23% chance of surviving. I think it’s the “chicken” factor that would have me cowering in a hole, waiting for other people to fight it out.

    Too funny! :) I love these quizzes.

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    I’m in trouble! I have a 21% chance of surviving. I must be a real sissy.

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    80% chance for me. LOL, that was fun :o) Thanks!

    We linked to a Zombie Bite Infection calculator last November, you should check it out!

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    Hey, this is Lily, Carey’s daughter. She said to contact you about my blog. If it’s ok, here is the link:

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    LOL!!!! This is hilarious!! I got a 54%!

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    Hmm, only a 41 percent chance…I better stock up on food and get crackin’ on that gun education!

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    WOW! I guess I can survive. I got an 80% chance. Of course it helps when you are ex-military, live on a small ranch, keep food supplies, generator, etc. for when you can’t get out and know about survival. Guess my wife, son and stepsons will have to put up with me for a while!

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    71% chance. God and guns all the way.

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    I got 71 suckas!

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    hah! 71! i live in a redneck farm community so practically every house has a gun i’d be like a walking armory! and when the bullets run out, who the hell cares? i’l belt em with a reliable baseball bat or shovel

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    I got an 82 percent chance! I guess its because i’m a country boy oh yea1

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    Yea go country boys. Matt i feel you there I got a samuri sword hung up in my room.

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    i got 91 pecent because i hate alot of people.

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