BEA and TAC the video edition

So I am kind of lazy and instead of writing everything I did in a post. I let my husband work for 4 hours to make a video YAY. I have some video of great authors from the Teen Author Carnival, and other things you guys haven’t seen. I met a wonderful gaggle of bloggers and I am grateful for that. You all rock!

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    Love the video! And still don’t understand your 11lb box, mine was 44!

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    Urm that was my second box LOL. The first was 26 lbs.

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    Thanks so much to you and your husband for taking the time to put together these videos! I watched the others you did for Armchair BEA and they were great fun, it felt a bit like being there.

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    Awesome video!! :) You did much better than me in regards to video and pictures, lol. I need to keep you around with me next year if you’re going. :P It was great hanging out with you- you’re so funny!!

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    You are adorable! And seeing that video made me miss BEA. As for boxes, my first was 47 and the second was 37. I must be more selective. I must be more selective….

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    LOVE the videos you took. They all helped me feel like I was at least a part of the event, even if I wasn’t in NYC with you guys! I hope you have been able to recover and relax a bit this weekend (and get that voice back!!)

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    ROFL. Pam this video was pure you. Best part was where I flipped you off, so not professional of me. But at least you can see you flip me off too, so it looks good :D

    I kinda miss NYC though, can’t wait to go back next year.

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    I loved meeting you Pam! Wish we had longer to chat. Thank goodness for these videos and THIB!

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    First of all, you guys are so adorable and you all rock and I so wish I could have met you all!

    Second, I love how the writers are so down-to-earth and look just like everyone else. I love that about writers. I’ve never heard of The Duff but I totally want to read it now! Susanne Colasanti is hilarious. I would want to be her friend.

    And, can I just say, I WANT AN 11 LB. BOX OF SWAG!!!

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    Not sure if my last comment took – had my link all goofy.

    Love the video recap of BEA. I have DUFF and I am excited to read that one!

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