Young Adult Community Thanksgiving

Adele from over at Persnickety Snark is holding a YA Community Thanksgiving today where we can post on our lovely community and what we are thankful for. I for one am thankful that I have found Adele’s blog. It is chalk full of awesomeness. Reviews, community education, and brilliant snark. I am sure you have been to her blog, but if you haven’t you might wanna head on over and check it out. I am going to be reading everyone’s posts and commenting on them today by following the linky that Adele has posted on her blog that I linked to above.

I am thankful for all the amazing bloggers I have met this year. Adele mentioned Catherine Haines and I have to give her a mention as well. Amazing reviews, great friend and all around bookish person. I also have found that the YA community tends to be great at educating others who have the misconception that reading YA somehow makes you less intelligent or not such an eclectic reader. YA has such a mix of books, and so many topics are written that you can find just about any subject that interests you.

The YA authors are amazing at promoting their books, being active in bookish communities, and connecting with their fans. It is amazing to see these authors such as Michelle Zink, Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, Heidi King, Julie Kagawa, and more reaching out to their fans and having real contact with people who have read or loved their books.

I am thankful that books are now being written that touch on the hard subjects. That seek to educate teens on subjects such as eating disorders, bullying, suicide, being gay, and other important issues that teens today have to deal with. I am in a constant state of disbelief and horror that people want these amazing books taken off the shelf. If one doesn’t seek education, especially on the hardship and cruelty of life how can one live and make the right decisions?

I am thankful for the readers of YA who read our blogs and leave comments and find new books to devour. I am always happiest when someone who doesn’t blog comes to my blog and says they read a book due to my recommendation and loved it as much as I did! That is what makes blogging about books worth while.

I love that in our community we can disagree on which books we like, which characters we are in love with and discuss our series predictions. I love that the YA community seems so real, and most bloggers aren’t afraid to give a negative review and if they did give a negative review, it is a thoughtful and understandable look into why exactly they didn’t like the book.

I am proud to be a YA blogger and happy to be in a community that is fun, and energetic and full of amazing people. Thank you Adele for giving me a soap box to stand up on and shout my thankfulness from!

What are you thankful for in YA?

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    I am thankful that I found your blog.
    I’m so glad that Adele is doing this. :]

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    You know what is one of my favourite things to do when surfing book blogs? Scoping out their designs, and yours is simply superb. The content is definitely superb, but man! The widgets and all–it’s great how readers can also participate in rating the books that your review.

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    What a truly fab idea. Lovely post. Thanks for that :)

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    Have to echo the design sentiment above by Liyanna. Yours is superb. And content to back it up. Wonderful!

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    I participated in this too. Adele had such a great idea. I love reading your blog! :) Many of the things that you’re thankful for, I am too. Thanks for posting this!

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    Thanks guys! Your comments are more proof that the YA community rocks. I have to give the design credit to my husband. He does wonderful things on the web.

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    This is such a cool idea, isn’t it?

    Lovely post. I’m now off to check out what you thought of Incarceron. :)

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    Yeah, thanks for posting this. Not only did it make me smile, it made me participate :o) I ♥!

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    I agree with everything that you said! And I have to agree with the other comments that you have a lovely website, I’m really impressed with the design. I’m glad I found you’re blog. I’m going to add it to my Blogroll so I can check it out regularly. :)

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    Hey Pam – want to take a run at re-writing my post because you seriously know how to phrase a sentence. I can’t agree with your points more and it’s always a good thing to remind ourselves of all the things we gain intrinsically from blogging, not just the books.


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    Wonderful post! I missed out on the day of YA Thaksgiving, but I’ll do a post on Sunday. I love the YA blogging community. They teach me so much; not just about literature, but about courtesay (how to contact authors, publishers, etc.), grace under pressure (how to handle dealing with an author whose upset over a negative review), to listen to others and how to use technology! well i’m still getting there on the technology part.

    I’m thankful for Bookalicious and in a way, the whitewashing incident because it brought your beautiful blog to my attention (shot out to your husband’s mad design skills!) and we started working together :) Thank you for starting the POC Reading challenge and being there for me to vent to when people attack the challenge! haha

    Great post.

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