Review: The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire by C.M. Mayo

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Title:The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire
Author:Mayo, C.M.
Publisher:Unbridled Books

“The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire is a sweeping historical novel of Mexico during the short, tragic, at times surreal, reign of Emperor Maximilian and his court. Even as the American Civil War raged north of the border, a clique of Mexican conservative exiles and clergy convinced Louis Napoleon to invade Mexico and install the Archduke of Austria, Maximilian von Habsburg, as Emperor. A year later, the childless Maximilian took custody of the two year old, half-American, Prince Agustín de Iturbide y Green, making the toddler the Heir Presumptive. Maximilian’s reluctance to return the child to his distraught parents, even as his empire began to fall, and the Empress Carlota descended into madness, ignited an international scandal. This lush, grand read is based on the true story and illuminates both the cultural roots of Mexico and the political development of the Americas.”

Mayo tells the sad but epic story of the Mexican Empire. I am very interested in the history of Mexico and this book does not disappoint if you are interested in a fictionalized drama of the country.

As in European history I come to find that even the Hapsburg Dynasty was installed in the far off land of Mexico. Hapsburg history intrigues me greatly and it was an added bonus to find Maximillian in the pages of this book. I knew that the French had conquered Mexico but I had no idea that it was a Hapsburg heir that was installed in the country.

This isn’t exactly an exciting book. I wasn’t dying to get to the next page. I read some brain candy while reading also to kind of have time to digest the massive amount of information that Mayo included in the 448 pages of the book. I suggest reading it if you are a fan of epic historical and if you are interested in the Hapsburg line of heirs. I am super happy to be on the Unbridled Tour and I think it is a publisher we should all pay more attention to in the future.

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    I was actually hugely disappointed in this book. It had the potential to be very interesting, but I thought that Mayo really tried too hard to make it epic and, in doing so, buried everything interesting in the mire of too much detail.

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    Oh, I’m sad this wasn’t a success! I was really interested in it, though it looks like it may be a bit too “epic” for my scope. I don’t like when authors do so much research into their books and then feel the need to put in every bit of research to their novel. I feel that happened with The Historian and Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, too.

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    I liked the book, I like researching though. So maybe if you are not into research then it is not for you.

    You mention Deliverance Dane. That was one of the 3 DNF of last year for me.

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    The only thing I know about Emperor Maximillian is that Edouard Manet painted a painting of his execution inspired by Goya’s May 3rd. This doesn’t really sound like the book to tell me more, even though I am interested in Mexican history.

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    Wait–painted a painting? Haha. #sentencefail

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    This is a topic I don’t know anything about. Too bad it wasn’t more exciting for you.

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    It has the ingredients for something I think I’d like but it sounds a bit heavy going…….maybe one day!

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    This one does sound quite more “historical” than I would enjoy. Good review though.

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    I really loved this book…I also like research, but I’m also one to have several books going at once…a heavier read, like this one, and lighter books. I really got drawn into the plight of the Mexican Empire and I loved how much research went into a confusing time in the nation’s history.

    As for unbridled books, love their novels. You should try “The Wonder Singer” Lovely book about an opera singer and more.

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