Shelves for Life designed by William Warren

Death, it is something that none of us like to think of. However William Warren has designed a coffin that will ease every book blogger into the ever after. Shelves for life takes your beloved bookshelf and with a saw here and a nail there, literally turns it into your coffin. How awesome is that? Too bad I bought those cheap shelves.

Using this diagram you too can turn your beloved shelf into your final resting place!

The before.

The after.

So with a little skill you too can turn your shelf into a coffin! This is about the coolest thing I have seen on the internet for a while.

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    Shouldn’t the pictures be labeled “the before” and “the hereafter?” ; )

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    That is very cool. Hubby thought it was a bit sick, I think it’s looking after the family, yourself and the environment. No bookcase to dispose of after your pop your clogs, they don’t need to pay for a coffin and your recyling :) Excellent Find. xx

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    Id’ say I’m dying to get one of these Pam, but that may sound a bit too literal :). A superb find though, and only one small thing wrong with it – not enough room for a few of the books from the former bookshelf, to take along with you into the afterlife :)

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    Oh my gosh – I seen this post and almost choked on my coffee! LOL

    Would this be a happy ending? ;)

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    I find this rather cool!!! I think I may be a bit morbid, but I love it!! :)

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    I love it. I won’t do it but I love it haha. I love that someone took the time to design but but like Rob, the first thing I thought was “and where will my books go?”.

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    I wouldn’t like a coffin in my house, however it is disguised. It is a bit scary!

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    No thank you! Deny, deny, deny. I’d rather leave my death issues out of my reading enjoyment (and my decor).

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    Er, that is really gruesome. O.o

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    I love this post….this is fantastically awesome!!! Then again, I’m into weird stuff like that too!! I think I’d have to have 2 of these…one to display as a book shelf and one to have on display as the coffin. A note on the coffin would say, “This is what happens to you when you mess with me and my books!” :)

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    a priest friend of my friend’s parents make a pair of these for the parents several years ago. earlier this month, her father had to make use of one of them. having lost my dad 20+ years ago, it is well worth this dual purpose bookshelf.

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    Um. I have no words to describe how creepy this is. does it allow space to take books with you?

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    wow. This is really morbid, but awesome at the same time. I wouldn’t get one, but it is a pretty cool concept

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    XDD jajaja woooow is awesome! I Love it! is a nice presentation a want these shelves XDD sends hugs!

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