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Author:Kate, Lauren
Publisher:Delacorte Press

I picked up this book after reading great reviews, not so great reviews, and more reviews on top of reviews. I in the end purchased it due to the awesome ad campaign the publisher had running during The Vampire Diaries on CW. I thought the book trailer fit perfect with the theme and feel of the show and I immediately ordered it from Amazon. I pushed it to the top of my to read pile and finished it up a couple of days ago.

In Fallen we follow Luce (Lucinda) who is a troubled teen. Something happened to a boy she was alone with in her Upper East Coast boarding school, and she has been seeing therapists for years. Luce sees shadows, especially when she is around nature. Her parents get fed up take her back down South to Georgia and throw her in a school for troubled teens. At Sword and Cross Luce is loathe to give up her cell phone but quickly gets over it as she has the attention of the two hottest guys on the campus. Supposedly she feels this incredible guilt for what happened when she was alone with the boy from her old school, but that guilt was lost on me when she started macking on these guys.

Cam is sweet and thoughtful, buys her presents and is always there for her. She leads him on through out the book. David is mean to the point of cruelty so of course that’s who she is in love with. At times she thinks he sparkles with a violet light but she can’t quite figure it out.

I read this book in two days. It’s pretty long. I am quite the evangelist for longer teen books (Beautiful Creatures), but this book was just page after page of nothingness. There is no crescendo just plotted out day to day to day life until in the last chapter or two BOOM here is the mystery solved when you solved it yourself before you read it due to the prologue, which in my opinion was the best part of this book. It was long and drawn out. I couldn’t connect to any character in any way. I will read the second one to see if any of these problems are solved for me. If you liked Hush, Hush then you probably will like Fallen.

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    Incredibly cool rating widget! I just wanted to say that I HATE it when prologues are spoilers. WTF? Have this on the shelf, and will get to it, but I dunno when :o) Great review!

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    Yeah, I think I’ll give this one a miss. What is it with all these samey supernatural romances? *frustrated*

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    I find it interesting how different people receive books. I see all the points you’re making. I haven’t read heaps of book in this genre, so maybe that’s why I liked it. Hopefully the next book you read will be more enjoyable.

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    I think this book would have been perfect at 250 pages. I didn’t see the need for it to go on and on and on. Unlike Beautiful Creatures there was really nothing happening here.

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    There seems to be a trend in padded books – the stuff that could have been trimmed and made tighter through editing… but hasn’t.

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    I agree with Catherine that some padding just needs to be edited out in some cases. I’ve seen this book and definitely want to read it, though.

    I did like Hush, Hush, but I had problems with it, and probably gave it a higher rating than it deserved; not sure if I’ll like this one or not.

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    Yeah, I found this pretty underwhelming. But I’ll probably end up reading the next one because I’m hoping it’ll get past the school/romance stuff and more into the angel stuff.

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    I did like Hush, Hush, even though I’m completely aware of all its faults. I think I’m going to stay away from this one, though.

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    Still haven’t written my review of this one. I liked it a bit more than you did, but only a bit more. But I absolutely agree that this one needed an editor in the worst way!

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