Who would you cast in the Beautiful Creatures movie?

So if you read my Beautiful Creatures review & interview you know that the book got optioned for a movie!

So who would you cast for:
Ethan’s Dad
Mrs. Lincoln
The Librarian

For me so far:
Ethan: someone new completely new
Lena: someone new again anyone but Miley Cyrus
Amma: Whoopie Goldberg
Macon: Jude Law
Ethan’s Dad: A man who should be in every movie Nathan Fillion
Link: a new face
Mrs. Lincoln: undecided at the moment
The Librarian: Sandra Bullock
Ridley: Reece Witherspoon

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    I really like your cast, except not Jude Law ugh! I think I’d cast David Tennant and as I was reading I completely pictured Kristen Bell as Ridley.

    He’s probably too linked to Harry Potter but I do think Daniel Radcliffe would make a good Ethan, if he could get the accent.

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    I think Daniel would be a good Ethan too but the Harry Potter link is still too strong.

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    Ethan – Daren Kagasoff
    Lena – Jessica Stroup
    Amma – Tia Dalma
    Macon – Enver Gjokaj
    Ethan’s Dad – agree with you – Nathan Fillion is purrrfect.
    Link – Ethan Peck
    Mrs. Lincoln – Elizabeth Perkins
    The Librarian – Julia Stiles
    Ridley – I agree with Alexa and say Kristen Bell or AnnaLynne McCord would be good too.

    Fun! :o)

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    OMG I totally almost said Julia Styles but decided she was too young.

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    I thought she might be too young too, but then thought that she might be just right because the girl never got married or whatever, and I kinda got the feeling that she was edgier, and Stiles is getting older…

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    That is true… Okay Stiles it is!

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    i’d cast Selena Gomez as Lena =P!

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    ethan-logan lerman
    lena-emily browning

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    The Librarian has a name you know, it’s Marian. I would not cast Selena as Lena although I do love her. I like the Jude Law as Macon. Naomi Harris who plays Tia Dalma would be a good choice although she is younger than she looks in the Pirates movies. Dan Radcliffe is not Ethan! he is Harry Potter trust me! For Sarafine/ Link’s Mom Kirsten Dunst. Someone new as Ethan, Lena, Link, and Ridley everyone else strong supporting cast. If they ever make this into a movie of course.

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    Reese Witherspoon is not a good choice she looks to sweet and innocent. Ridley should look devious and evil.

    i think Jodelle Freland would be a good choice for Lena. Shes pretty and i think shes not well known.

    the book was awsome and im so glad i got to read it i never wanted to put it down!!!!!!

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    I think that Christina Ricci can be a good Lena. Or Andrea Duro. Amy Lee.
    For Ethan, Chace Crawford can be nice, but he don’t have the thing that make you say “WOW! This is Ethan!”. Or Ian Somerhalder.
    For Amma, Meryl Streep can be a nice choice.
    Ethan’s Dad – Nathan Fillion is perfect.
    Link – Matt Dallas
    Mrs. Lincoln – Andrea Parker?
    The Librarian – Natalie Portman or Penelope Cruz.
    Ridley – Courtney Simpson

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    I agree with Ali.
    I wouldn’t cast Selena Gomez as Lena, even though her hair is nice for the part. I’d go with someone new.
    I actually pictured Gaspard Ulliel as Ethan, but only for the face. Other than that, someone new.
    I love Jude Law as Macon, but I think he should have a lot of scruff.
    I agree one hundred percent with Naomi Harris playing Amma.
    For Ridley… hmm. I don’t really know. Someone new. And she would -have- to pull off the lollipop, no questions asked.
    For Marian, I have to have someone looking around 42 or so, in a good way. Sandra Bullock was amazing in The Blind Side, so I would definitely consider her.
    For Sarafine, I’d actually choose Helena Bonham Carter, but the accent could be an issue.
    For Mrs. Lincoln and the other women of the DAR, I don’t know. That’s tough.
    For Shrinky Dink Link, I would wanna put someone new. I’d want him with brown hair and a cutie-patootie smile, though!
    For Ethan’s Mom, I would definitely want to cast Mary Stuart Masterson!
    Ethan’s Dad… that’s tough. I guess I would have to agree with Nathan Fillion.

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    i think we just need to pick an Ethan who actually looks like an Ethan..
    I had some good suggestions for Lena… and i definitely liked that!
    and those are the 2 i really care about the most…

    if any of you guys are looking for suggestions for some of the other characters, there are some pretty good ideas on youtube… thankss for your help :) <3

    *BC* FO EVA !!

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    Lena; I think Michelle Trachtenberg would be perfect, even as i read the book she was the face i had in mind.
    Ethan; Logan Lerman
    Marian the librarian; Meryl Streep?
    Cant think of anyone else, i dont really mind who the others are just as long as they don’t cast miley cyrus or selena gomez :)

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    Ethan should be Logan Lerman <3

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    I think it should be an all new cast with maybe one or two B-list celebrities. We don’t need them to take away from the main characters Lena and Ethan, who should be totally new faces. If the movie is as good as the hype makes it to be (which I so hope it is!) it might turn out to be the next Harry Potter and Twilight series! It’s a mix of dark vs. light magic and forbidden love making it a perfect classic for young adults in this time. but right now we must wait and see :)

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    Here would be my list :)

    Ethan Wate – Harry Eden
    Lena Duchannes – Jodelle Ferland
    Amma – Phylicia Rashad (with a short hairstyle)
    Macon Ravenwood – Sam Elliot
    Marian – Marie Louise Parker
    Link – Jamie Campbell
    Emily Asher – Quinn Fabray
    Mrs. Asher – Robin Wright (Penn)
    Delphine Duchannes – Plus size model Tracie Stern
    Barclay Kent – Jon Hamm
    Ridley Duchannes – Annalynne McCord
    Reeces Duchannes – Saoirse Ronan
    Ryan Duchannes – Dakota Blue Richards
    Larkin Kent – Chris Pine

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    Lena: Michelle Trachtenburg
    Ethan: Logan Lerman
    Ethan’s Dad: Jason Bateman
    Librarian: Rachael Harris
    Emily Asher: Dianna Agron
    Ridley: Annalynne McCord
    Macon: Jude Law
    Link’s mum: Mary Scheer

    Thats all I can think of but I definatley think Michelle for Lena, she looks exactly how I’d imagine her. :)

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    Ethan:Logan Lerman
    Lena:Camilla Belle or Lucy Hale
    Amma:Helen Mirren
    Macon:Robert Downey Jr.
    Ethan’s Dad:Jude Law
    Link:Alex Pettyfer
    Mrs. Lincoln:Nicole Kidman
    The Librarian:Rosario Dawson
    Ridley:Hayden P.

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    you guys have some great choices!

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    lena-lucy hale or india eisley
    ethan-logan lerman
    ridley-taylor momsen or ashley benson
    link-chord overstreet
    liv-emily browning or emma watson
    john breed-shiloh fernandez
    savannah snow-sara paxton shenae grimes
    emily asher-shenae grimes or dianna agron
    ethans dad patrick dimpsey
    macon-rober downey jr or jeffoery dean morgan
    sarafrine-helena bonham carter
    reece-dianna agron or sara paxton
    larkin-paul wesley
    as u can see i spent a lot of time on this it was fun though but i was really board. :)

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    what about avon jogia as ethan

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    Lena-lucy hale
    Ethan-logan lerman
    Ridley- ashley benson
    Link-Dylan O’Brien
    Liv-Jemma McKenzie-Brown
    Savannah snow-Annalynne Mccord
    Emily Asher-Sasha Pieterse
    macon-jude law
    sarafrine-Famke Janssen
    Amma-jessica lange

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    Ethan:Logan Lerman
    Lena: Someone new( I hate Emily browning shes soooo ugly)
    Ridley: Taylor Momsen
    Link: Someone knew

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    ethan: alex pettyfer
    lena: mia wasikowska
    ridley: taylor momsen
    link: rupert grint
    sarafine: helena bonham carter
    liv: emma watson
    macon: jude law
    larkin: tom felton
    john: robert pattinson
    ryan: dakota fanning
    mrs lincoln: cameron diaz
    amma: anna paquin
    marian: jennifer garner
    savannah snow: annalyn mccord
    emily asher: dianna agron
    reece: saoirse ronan

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    Eathan-Logan Lerman
    Leana-Emily Browning

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    ethan : logan lerman
    lena : emily browning

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    w gwen!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ethan: logan lerman
    Lena: Lucy hale
    Link: Matt prokop
    Liv: ashley benson
    amma: opra winfrey
    macon- jude law

    these are the characters i imagine most so im not sure how all of them looks like but i somehow get the picture in my head even though it might not be completely accurate well
    for Lucy hale search her with green eyes and see how she will look like EXACTLY LIKE LENA no jokes and i didnt know amma was black till now so i guess i picked a opra for her character i guess it suited her the most since no other character came in mind for me but i guess this might be the most accurate i can get from the characters i choose and if im hoping they put it in a movie CAUSE THIS BOOK IS AWESOME

    Fav charater : shrinky dink LINK!!!! <3

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    I think thomas dekker should play the role of Ethan and Britt Robertson should play lena. link should be max theriot and idk who else for the other characters

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    Ethan-Logan Lerman
    Lena- Alexis Bedel or Me (i fit the description of Lena, but i have hazel eyes and im short)
    Amma- Niaomi Harris
    Ridley- Taylor Momsen
    Sarafine- Lena Headey or Famke Jassen
    Macon-Jude Law or David Tennant
    Savannah-Dianna Aragon
    Emily-Sara Paxton
    Ethan’s Dad- Nathan Fillion
    Mrs. Lincoln- Emma Thompson
    Marian- Rachel Weiz ??

    I couldnt think of anyone for Link :(
    I actually do look like Lena, no lie!

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