Excuse me while I go on a tangent, Borders to dump books.

When did companies decide that it is okay to just throw away everything? Does H&M and Wal-mart think that all those freezing homeless people in NY wouldn’t want the clothes they are slated to throw away? Angry that you didn’t make your buck off the merch so you just want to throw it out? My mama told me “waste not, want not”.

I am ashamed of Borders for using a dumpster to get rid of their books that haven’t been sold. I am appalled and I will no longer be visiting the store even though it is in an easy location for me. Barnes & Noble have better business practices and I will continue to visit my indie stores.

I know my paltry $150 bucks a week or every two weeks won’t mean much to Borders but there are so many different ways to get rid of those books. Donate them to Soldier’s Angels. At my last check there are over 4,000 Soldiers waiting for books to read.

There is a Facebook protest group in place.
Here is a link with some more info and pictures of the crime.

Say no to Borders and these practices!

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    What does B&N do with their books? I had heard this before but I thought it was standard practice of all bookstores? I remember when I was asking stores for magazine donations to send to our troops overseas they said it was against their policy. They also tore off the covers and dumped them. So frustrating!

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    Barnes and Noble apparently donate. It is frustrating. Trees died (yeah I am a hippy), authors worked hard. Books are to be read not to have the covers ripped off like butterfly wings by nasty children..

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    The comment about how a lot of libraries and non-profits wouldn’t be able to handle such a large influx makes sense too. I used to volunteer w/a non-profit & that sounds like a nightmare. Not to mention I bet a lot of them aren’t the popular titles so it wouldn’t make sense for a group with limited space to try and hold on to them too. Plus the nightmare of trying to figure out logistics of what to send where.

    Can we volunteer to manage that and keep what we want? :)

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    Ugh, that is appalling. So many people who would love something to read but don’t have anything, and then they toss them? Ugh.

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    I had no clue about this! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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    Debbie, if they were donated on a regular basis, there wouldn’t be a huge dump into their laps. One commentor on the facebook page was a former Borders employee. She said it’s not Borders but the publishers that have them dump the books.

    Regardless of who is at fault, it IS a waste. When there are so many people in the world wanting books and can’t get a hold of them, this is just gross wastefulness. Is it greed? “Well, if you won’t pay for them, then no one can use it!” Is it more cost effective to trash them than to donate them? I don’t think so, because they could write off the donation as charity for tax benefits. I think it IS another nail in the Borders coffin. They’re already in financial trouble, their website is NOT customer friendly, and I have to pay $4.95 for a gift card (free at Amazon, and not sure at B&N), and now this.

    Sad. just sad.

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    This is sad. I’m just now hearing this and it infuriates me. I frequent Borders A LOT. I am going to have a hard time going there anymore. There are so many out there starving for books that they should donate!! Soldiers, schools, churches, homeless shelters, etc. Who knows, someone might even LEARN TO READ (GASP!) by receiving a donated book. What a shame!

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