Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Footers

Natasha (@mawbooks) at Maw Books is hosting the second edition of Bloggiesta this weekend. Now if you are unfamiliar with Bloggiesta, you can check out the link, or follow the hash tag #bloggiesta on Basically it is a weekend devoted to getting those pesky things done that you really, really, really need to get done on your blog. I am happy to host a mini challenge that will have a publisher donated prize that Natasha will unveil to you tomorrow at her blog.

This challenge is all about getting your footers right. Those copy rights are important. I hope to provide some information and plug ins for those who run WordPress.

The most important thing is to make sure you change the date to 2010 at the bottom. Once you have changed your footer to say Copyright (your name or blog name) year your blog started such as 2009-2010. You have completed this challenge. Just leave a link to your blog in the comments.

Some other very important things about footers and what to do when someone steals your posts from NYC based contract lawyer and City Canyons Record Label Owner Trebor Lloyd:

Bloggers should put a notice of copyright on their site for notice purposes and pay the fee (I think it went up recently but it is still quite reasonable) for copyright registration. The Copyright Office site is very clear and helpful. Everyone should give it a look. If a blogger has to bring suit then to protect his/her copyright, a registration is a pre-requisite.

Putting aside lawsuits, which aren’t always the best way to go, the blogger should notify the infringer to remove the infringing material immediately and then contact the applicable ISP (assuming that it’s another blog or website) and inform them of the infringement. ISPs don’t want to be sued for contributory infringement so they often have procedures set up for dealing with claims. The infringer could have their website or blog permanently taken down. Please note this isn’t legal advice as every situation is different.

A good way to see if someone is stealing your content is to take a paragraph from your post and put it to Google search and see if you get exact matches. Then contact the creator of the blog. Here is a stock plagiarism cease and desist letter you can use.
If you use WordPress this plug in adds a copyright to your feeds automatically. A lot of content is ripped from your feed so using this plug in eliminates that kind of theft.
If you do not have wordpress you can simply add to your feedburner or /feed a copyright of your own. Example: This post was stolen from the admin of this website will now perish and be damned to eternal hellfire for eternity, or simply This post is not original content, it was taken via feed from and add your URL.
Plagiarism Today has loads of fantastic ideas on these subjects also.
Lastly this plug in moves all javascript HTML to the footer of your blog. WordPress automatically uses Javascript through out the posts and pages, and this will improve your SEO.

I hope you get those footers ready for the coming year! Good luck and happy Bloggiesta.


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    Thanks for this-great tips! I changed mine!

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    I wish there was a post on this topic specific to blogger.

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    Cara. This is for blogger also minus the plug ins. That is just extra for WordPress users. You can edit your footer on blogger to say Copyright of Cara Powers 200?-2010. Also with the feed and adding the line. Whatever you use for RSS somewhere there is a setting you can add a line to the feed, there is where you add the “This is not original content, this content is owned and copyrighted by Cara Powers”.
    So everything in this post minus the plug ins, is for any blogging platform.

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    Thanks for this great tip. I already had some copyright information on there, but now it looks a lot better.

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    Thanks for the reminder, I hadn’t changed my blog copyright dates to include 2010 yet. So I’ve updated for the feed and on the blog but am wondering if I should add copyright to each post on the blog as well instead of just at the bottom. Any thoughts on whether this is necessary?

    For Cara, adding a feed footer is super easy for blogger, just go into Settings – Site Feed – and add the text/html you want in the Post Feed Footer box.

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    I added a copyright footer to my feed. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Thanks Pam for hosting a great mini-challenge! It’s something that we all need to remember.

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    Does this work for blogger users that their own url now? I have a feedburner address added to the feed settings in blogger, so if I type the footer in there, will it still show up?

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    Serena – Yes! I have my own domain name and a feedburner feed and it works just fine typing the feed footer into the blogger settings.
    (sorry Pam for hijacking your comments)

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    Thanks so much for the heads up. I’m glad that will work. This was very helpful. I think I’ve got it all set now!

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    Done! Thanks for hosting this mini challenge.

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    Done. I added a copyright to my footer, thanks.

    Just a question about the “this content has been stolen” posts. Wouldn’t it say that in your footer on Google Reader? I must be missing something. How can you get it to say this content has been stolen when someone steals your work. Did you say to put that in your footer?

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    There are also several feeds you can subscribe to that will automatically crawl the internets looking for places that have copied your content. Naturally, I can’t find the link right now :P, but I will post it on Twitter when I do.

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    Tweaked my footer and installed the Java-Footer plugin. (I already had a copyright footer in my feed.)

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    This is such a great idea! Thank you so much! I had no idea how to do this! Thank you!

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    I’ve been wanting to do this forever! Thank you so much for hosting this. I added this to my footer and my feed.

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    Great mini challenge!!

    I’ve added a copyright to my footer!

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    Awesome! I had to hunt a bit for a way to add it to the feed but I figured it out.

    Have it on my footer and my feeds now. :)

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    I finally figured it out!!!

    The only easy thing about a blog is the writing, I swear. The rest just takes me way too long.

    Pam, Thank you for hosting this mini-challenge. I put a copyright footer on my post pages as well as my feed! Now I am off to register…another thing I have been meaning to do for quite some time.

    As someone who has had content stolen from their blog, even with these precautions in place, there is very little to protect us from plaigerism. One thing I added to my blog back when I had a review stolen from me is to disable the right-click. It doesn’t prevent theft, but if someone is lazy enough to steal content, hopefully they are too lazy to enable the right-click.

    To Disable the Right-Click from your blog, you can google the term to find the HTML code.

    Happy Blogging!

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    I’m feeling really dense here. I installed the plugin but how do I see if it’s working? Will the copyright only appear in readers, should I see it at the bottom of my posts, etc? Thanks!

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    I’ve just added a copyright notice on my blog. Unfortunately the template I’m using doesn’t have a footer, so I added it at the bottom of my right sidebar. Thanks for the challenge!

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    Ha! Managed to get it in a footer! Thanks for the challenge!

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    Thanks for this tip, it’s very clear!

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    Adding a copyright now. Thanks!

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    OMG I had completely forgotten to update my footer with the new year! I am so glad you reminded me! Also, the other notices were so helpful. Great information!

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    It may sound silly, but I really struggled with this challenge. I didn’t have a clue how to add a copyright to my blog or my feeder but now I have it on both.

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    Jacqueline: It is not as easy as it sounds! I am glad you have it figured out.

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    Well, I don’t think I have a footer, but the Copyright info is in my Sidebar now. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Phew! I was leaving this one for last because it seemed really easy, but then I got to tinkering with Feedburner and time just flew… I think it’s finally time for me to turn in. (It’s 4 am my time.)

    Well, maybe just sneak in a few pages of the new Justine Larbalestier….

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    I did it! I put mine in the footer. I can’t believe I hadn’t done that. I owned a website for ten years before I sold it, so I KNOW better! Thanks:) My blog is at

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    Any one have advice about an easy way to do this in WordPress (the free version, not the self-hosted one)? It looks like you have to pay for the upgrade for custom CSS and then get in and muck around with the code… which I could probably figure out, but don’t really want to spend much time or money on. If it’s not possible to do easily, anyone have an elegant workaround?

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    Since I am on blogger I have already included the copyright image within my google feed reader updates.
    I also use a program called Copyscape – which is free for the first 10 copied posts. This is fine if you are not using articles published all over the web. For greater service the cost is 5 cents per search. Here is the web address
    Not sure about the quality of the service but hey I’m new at this.

    Thanks a lot for the further information and letters – I now know where to find them linked in my bloggiesta post.

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    I’ve done it. It’s in the footer but it is in all caps and I don’t know how to get it in lowercase. Anyone got an idea?

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    Good mini challenge! I amworking on this one right now!

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    Penny: You just have to edit your footer text to say Copyright 2010 :D

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    Thank you for this reminder. I checked and indeed my website now has copyright 2010 on the footer. I need to remind myself to include that on my blogs as well. Along with statements regarding where the books I review come from – my own or the public library or from publishers. Additionally, I need to make a statement about the Amazon Affiliate program I belong to. This all goes back to the Template that was another mini-challenge. Do you all talk to each other before hand so that you are all in sync? Thanks for doing this. I am overwhelmed and enjoying every minute of it.

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    I had never even thought about updating my footers so this mini-challenge has been very useful! Thanks.

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    Great mini challenge. Although I can’t imagine anyone stealing my work it’s good to have something in place just in case. Thanks!!

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    Thanks for the refresher on copyright info. I changed my footer – nice reminder – and did a paragraph search too. Very useful challenge.

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    Mine’s updated now!

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    I did not even have one – WOOPS! Thank you so much and I just added one to my blog!

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    I think I may have forgotten to leave a link to my blog before when I said I’d done this! Once again- thanks so much for the reminder to update my footer and here’s my link:

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    Oooh, great reminder and challenge! I completely forgot to do this when I rebuilt my website and blog. Haha. It’s done now, though! Thanks!

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    Footer entered – now off to investigate this copyright cost. Might be worth every penny…

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    I didn’t even have a copyright thing at the bottom! I’ve added it at the bottom, am going to go register, and have added it to my feed (I think). Thank you SO much!

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    I never really thought about updating my footer, I just had the layout information there, like where the template came from, and so forth. Thanks for the information, I fixed mine up.

  47. Gravatar

    I’d never thought about putting a copyright notice on my blogs before, but I’ve now got them on both my book blog ( and my “regular” blog ( Thanks for the mini-challenge!

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    okay, I got a widget on the sidebar now that has the copyright thingy. :-)

    I got a headache from all the trying and working, and was able to make an easy fix. Thanks for the tweet about it ;-)

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    I just added my copyright. :

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    YAY Made a footer…

    Thanks for this awesome challenge.

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    I think the copyright is one of those things people will get around to doing and before they know it, it hasn’t been done. Took me 2 years to get around to it thanks to this mini-challenge. I now have the copyright in my footer.

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    Thanks once again for teaching us about protecting content — it is such an important thing to do!

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    Thanks for the tip! I added mine!

  54. Gravatar

    Okay…I think I finally got it to work! I actually had to find another license protector for my feed called “RSS License”, and it seems to be working. The second plug-in worked like a charm in a matter of seconds, so easy! Thanks so much for this great challenge!

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    Thanks so much for alerting me to this–I’m off to tackle it now. Meg

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    Penny, replying to your Q abt ‘regular’ wp blogs… you may have to add the code to each post – some WP templates don’t have ‘footers’ – you have to create it. I’ll stop by your blog to link you to what I found.

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    I never even thought about adding copyright. Thank you! I did it!

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    Thanks for the reminder to update this. Great information.

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    The hardest part of this one was integrating it into my template in a way that looked nice! That took far longer than expected. Thanks for the info on copyright!

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    Yes! Thanks for all the tips in the comments. An excellent mini-challenge!

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    If you don’t pay to have your pages copy-written then adding the “Copyright…” sentence to your page doesn’t actually mean anything, does it? If it does, I’ll add it, but if I have to pay, then I won’t be doing this until my blog gets more popular…

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    Thanks for the great tips!

  63. Gravatar


    I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for the tip!

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    Looks like the easiest way to get a copyright notice near(ish) the bottom of your blog is to add a text widget to the bottom of your sidebar with your copyright notice in it. I’ve done this, taking the path of least resistance to complete this mini-challenge :)

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    Made sure both my book blog (The Book Faery Reviews) and my personal blog ( were updated. Thanks for the tip!

  66. Gravatar

    Okay its all added at the bottom of my blog (and my blog feed). Bleh people aggravate me that plagiarize!

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    Thanks for the info about copyrights and what they mean to me. Visit Moonbeam A Musings and check it out!

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    Added this to my feed and at the bottom of my blog. Thanks for the info, as I never considered this before. Great challenge!

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    I never did this because I figured it was complicated. I did it and it was so easy. Thanks!!

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    I have information in the footer of my entire blog that asserts my copyright and it actually updated itself, which was a nice discovery. Your challenge prompted me to put something extra on my posts, though, and I’ve now included additional copyright on my posts. Thanks!

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    I need to do this. Thank you!

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    I follow Amber’s Stults link over to you as I was interested in your copyright post. I am a newbie and have wondered about the summaries people use in their reviews. Summary writing is not my strong suit, so using the publishers blurbs makes life a bit more relaxing. So far I have alway mentioned that it was the summary from the bookjacket, but I still wonder is this is OK? Any thoughts?

  73. Gravatar

    You can quote from the book jacket and the book itself. That is probably what I should be doing :)

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    Added a copyright. Love your blog!

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    Added copyright to my blog! Never thought of doing this, thanks!

  76. Gravatar

    Thanks for the mini challenge.

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    Thankfully automatically has the copyright built in to the themes…thanks so much for the heads up though, it is great information

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    I had to do some digging myself because I had no clue how it worked in the Netherlands. But I know now and have put a copyright notice under my blog :) Thanks!

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    I did this, and it looks good. On the sidebar at the bottom.

    But shouldn’t it be -2011 rather than -2010? How does that work?

  80. Gravatar

    Thank you for the pointers! I updated the information and will hang on to the other info you’ve mentioned, in case an issue should ever come up.

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    [...] blog.  Talking about blog copyright and what you need to be doing to protect yourself. – Pam from [...]

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    [...] blog.  Talking about blog copyright and what you need to be doing to protect yourself. – Pam from [...]

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    I just added my footer to my blog –

    Leeswammes – I think this post was written in 2010 and that’s why they were saying 2010. I would definitely update your copyright to 2011.

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    Just updated mine! I need to put this on my calendar!

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    Ok, I have it on my blog…I think I have to wait for a new item to come up in my feed to see if it’s showing on there as well. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow! If not, I’ll keep tinkering. Thanks for this tutorial!

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    [...] Footers @ [...]

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    Wow, cool. I had no idea about this not that my stuff is all valuable at this point, some day perhaps. This is a good idea to put on my husbands blogs for his company. Thank you.

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    Thanks for this! D’uh. I didn’t even think about the footer.

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    I copyrighted my blog with and managed to get a copyright statement to post in my feeder. I can’t figure out how to get my statement to post at the bottom of my blog though—
    *smiles and happy bloggiesta!*

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    Updated mine again, had to hunt down where to find the footer info in this new layout, but it is safely protected from evil do-ers now! lol

  91. Gravatar

    I don’t have a footer, but I managed to pop a note in my sidebar so all is well. I hadn’t even thought about copywright until now!
    Thank you!

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    [...] Copywright Protection at ‘‘ [...]

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    I just fixed my footer to have 2010 in the date – didn’t realize how important that could be. I never really thought that anyone would want to take my work, but after reading through your post, I am definitely interested in making sure that I am protected. Thank you so much for the very valuable information.

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    [...] Making a cheat sheet– Danielle from There’s a Book (@the1stdaughter) blog copyright– Pam from (@bookaliciouspam) On vanity alerts. – Emily from Emily’s Reading Room (@emsreadingroom) [...]

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    [...] Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge – Hosted by Pam at, she shared quite a few tips as well as ways to enhance your blog to protect your rights including the important adding of a copyright footer. [...]

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    thanx dude
    see my copyrighted site
    all thanx to u

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    [...] not going to go into here. My blogs have a copyright notice at the bottom, but they are not registered with a copyright agency. As I understood it (but have no link to prove it), blog posts are [...]

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    [...] Copyright Protection at Bookalicious – There is nothing worse than seeing your post on somebody else’s blog. Talking about blog copyright and what you need to be doing to protect yourself. [...]

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    Thanks for this post! It inspired me to reexamine my copyright notices. For users of (not, I found this post useful: users can’t implement plugins, which is a shame, but I thought that page had some other helpful suggestions.

    Thanks again!

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    Great post!
    I found some of stuff on a site called “Topsy News”. Have you ever heard of it? Do you think I should be concerned?

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    [...] I copyrighted my blog using Easy, peasy. also has a great post on using a copyright footer on your [...]

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