Review: Tempted (House of Night Novel) by P.C. Cast

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Author:Cast, P.C.
Publisher:St. Martin's Griffin

So we all know by my review of Hunted that I have a love / hate relationship with the House of Night novels. I felt that book five spent too much time rehashing books one through four and the amount of relationships Zoey holds onto became annoying. When other characters though she was a ho, I tended to agree. Book six however was a major improvement.

Cast begins Tempted right where Hunted left off. Kalona and Neferet are banished from Tulsa and the fledglings red and blue are looking to Zoey to lead them back to the House of Night. Zoey although she still has the major boy problems and too many relationships does grow up a bit in this book and her character becomes mildly likable for me again. I was going to rail against this book also. Although it wasn’t just a rehash of the other novels, I felt it dragged quite a bit. If you aren’t a fan of the series or haven’t read any of the other books, I do not recommend you start, but if you are vampire crazy and reading House of Night then Tempted is not to be missed! The last three chapters brings so much together and a major event happens that I still cannot believe happened, and I never saw it coming! Let me know if you have read it and what you think.

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    So are there more books to come? I don’t know why I keep reading. LOL.

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    I am about 2/3 of the way through this book and I am struggling. I enjoy the rest of them, but this one is dragging. After reading your review I will keep at it. I will post again once I am finished.

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    Firstly hooray, I am finally finished this book. I felt like I was reading it forever, mainly because I was so bored I didn’t want to read it. But I am however glad I finished it. Like you said the last three chapters brought it all together.

    I do feel Zoey, grew up in the book. I did not like the fact that the amount of “boyfriends” she has makes my head spin, never mind how she must feel.

    I did not see the ending coming and have no idea how they are gonig to carry on. Poor human boy, he was growing on me :)

    I was hoping they would get rid of Neferet in this book but sadly no.

    I love vampire books, I did like the house of night books but I felt Tempted was dragged out a little too much.

    I will read the next book to see what happens but it’s not top of my list. xx

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    I broke it down in 3 parts. The first part was slow to much of the past books. The second part was good and the third part was great! I can’t wait for the next book. I also had to read book 1 & 2 before I liked the series.

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