An Open Letter to Self Pubbed Authors

Dear Self Pubbed Author,

It’s not that I hate you or your book, or even that I don’t want to review them here on my site. Because I do really I do. I know how hard you work to try to get the word out about your product, and I understand how hard it is to continually hear the words no over and over. However some of these no’s you are bringing on yourself.


If you read my review policy it clearly states that I do not accept e-books at this time, so do not email me asking me if I would like to have a pdf copy of your book. The answer is no. If you read my policy it tells you the genre we review here on, which is YA fiction, even with some names of authors that are comparable. This is because these books are what the target audience at expect to see. So when you send me a review request for your financial strategy manual, again the answer is no.

A couple of more things before I go. Please do not use Twitter/Facebook/Myspace or any other social media to ask me for reviews, that is to say hello and to let people know what you have going on as an author. I have an about page with a policy and an email address. Oh and don’t spam me, and you know how I know. It’s when I see “undisclosed recipients” instead of my email address there in that little box that says to in the email.

So please bring me your tired, your hungry, and your weary, YA fantasy and fiction self pubbed authors. The rest quit spamming my blog and the blogs of others. Take time to read the review policies and word will get out how awesome you are for doing that.

Thank you,

Pam van Hylckama Vlieg

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    I have the same problem. I love it when I get the e-mail that says ‘I read your review policy and even though you don’t ordinarily review my genre I was hoping you’d make the exception…’ or ‘I read your review policy, but I saw you reviewed so-and-so’s book and its the same genre as mine!’

    I sometimes want to sit there and reply saying ‘I just. don’t. care.’ but that’s not particularly nice to say so I reply back with a nicer response.

    There is one self-pub author I’m ready to take an iron pan to though, because this author has sent me a request, month after month even though I’ve sent a negative every single time! In fact in the last e-mail the author started by saying ‘I know in the past you have not accepted my book for review, but maybe if you read some other bloggers opinions…’

    Lexie see Red and wants to smack. Hard.

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