Review: Enchanted Inc Series by Shanna Swendson

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Title:Enchanted Inc. Series
Author:Swendson, Shanna
Publisher:Ballantine Books

I won all four of these books from a contest at I Heart Monster, a great book blog I frequently read for recommendations on what to read next. I started with the set immediately and in order and I was fascinated by the story line. I being a southerner myself instantly connected with the main character Katie Chandler, and the small town girl in the big intimidating city story line. I have hopes that Swendson’s publisher will pick up at least one more book for a nice finish to the story, there are a lot of unanswered question about other characters and the general plot. I struggled between giving these books 3 or 4 stars. In the end my decision was based on the fact I believe the characters could have been a bit more fleshed out. Through the books you receive the same information about the same people, when I feel there was chances to enhance the perception and personality. I also thought at times the books took a long time to get going and all the excitement was pushed into the final chapters. That being said I gobbled all four books down in a week and was hungry for more. The books are a simple read, very fun, and I loved the mix of craziness. My favorite character from the series was the A.D.D. bad guy. Idris while not a mastermind criminal was a pretty nasty fellow, however easily distractable by something shiny.

Book One: Enchanted Inc

From Publishers Weekly

In her first mainstream novel, romance writer Swendson puts a Harry Potter–inspired twist on the standard tale of a smalltown girl in the big city, with lively if saccharine sweet results. Fish-out-of-water Katie Chandler suffers in her thankless job as assistant to marketing manager “Evil Mimi,” worrying that maybe she just can’t hack it in New York City. Will her colleagues ever consider her anything but a hick? For a girl from Texas, the Big Apple is stranger than a foreign country, but she discovers that the weird things she notices are signs of real magic afoot. Her “small-town honesty and common sense” soon land her a new job at Magic, Spells, and Illusion Inc., which traffics in benevolent sorcery. “You… are of the rare breed who can neither do magic nor be influenced by magic. You see the world as it is,” an MSI executive explains. With her clear-sightedness—plus business acumen gained working for her family’s feed-and-seed store—Katie will play a pivotal role in MSI’s magical battle against a malevolent competitor. From sanitized descriptions of New York City life to hunky wizards and fairies on the subway, this book is pure and innocent fantasy, suitable for preteens or readers hungry for a cotton candy read.

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Book Two: Once Upon Stilettos

From Booklist

The winning follow-up to Enchanted, Inc. (2005) finds Katie Chandler, a young woman immune to magic, working at the epicenter of New York City’s magic community as Merlin’s personal assistant. When Owen Palmer, the sexy wizard Katie’s been secretly swooning over, reports that a spy has been in his office, Merlin puts Katie on the case to discover the identity of the traitor. It’s no small task, and Katie is distracted by the arrival of her parents, who have flown up from Texas to see how their daughter is faring in the big city. Katie is upset to learn that her mother is also immune to magic, and can see all the strange goings-on in the Big Apple. To make matters worse, Katie is shocked to find that she’s losing her own magical immunity, which she fears will jeopardize her position and hamper her ability to identify the spy. Swendson’s smart, snappy novel will delight fans that loved the first installment, and win over new readers, too.

Kristine Huntley
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Book Three: Damsel Under Stress:

From Booklist

The third entry in Swendson’s charming series, which began with Enchanted, Inc. (2005), finds Kate Chandler, whose immunity to magic makes her a valuable employee at the magic company where she works as Merlin’s assistant, finally about to go on a date with her crush, handsome but bashful wizard Owen Palmer. While Kate waits for Owen to join her at a coffee shop, she encounters Ethelinda, a sloppy fairy claiming to be her fairy godmother, who unfortunately proves to be more hindrance than help. Matters become further complicated when Kate learns that Ari, a fairy who betrayed the company by helping their biggest rival, the wizard Idris, has escaped custody. Swendson blends chick lit and magic effortlessly, making the reader equally invested in the magical skulduggery and Kate’s burgeoning romance with Owen, which includes a trip home to meet his icy foster parents. The novel culminates in an exciting ending guaranteed to leave readers thirsting for another chapter in this whimsical, clever series.

Kristine Huntley
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Book Four: Don’t Hex With Texas

From Booklist

As Swendson continues her exciting Enchanted Inc. series, magic-immune Katie Chandler is back in her hometown of Cobb, Texas. Katie has left New York City and her beloved job at Magic, Spells, and Illusions Inc. to protect Owen Palmer, the handsome wizard she is crazy about. Working with her hapless siblings at her parents’ store doesn’t exactly make up for the excitement she is missing out on in New York until strange goings-on start happening in Cobb, leading Katie to wonder if the magic has followed her home. When she discovers her old nemesis, Phelan Idris, has concocted a plan to train wizards over the Internet in the hopes of building an army, Katie contacts MSI. She is surprised when Owen himself shows up, and is relieved to find the chemistry between them is hot and heavy. But when the pair learns Idris is in town and planning a deadly endgame, they fear their enemy may prevail this time around. Another page-turning installment in one of the best romantic-fantasy series being written today.

Kristine Huntley

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