Review: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

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Title:If I Stay
Author:Forman, Gayle
Publisher:Dutton Juvenile

Gayle Forman tugs at your heart strings in this latest YA novel. Mia is a self adjusted, happy teen who loves her parents her younger sibling, and her life in general. Which in it’s own is a pretty novel concept for recent YA literature. A talented cellist with a very bright future, everything in Mia’s life is absolutely perfect. You get an immediate sense of the character and she is an easy character to love and maybe even adore.

Mia gets an unexpected snow day from school, her parents decided to take an impromtu car drive as a family. A car crash later Mia has major life decisions to make. She is a spriting outside of her barely breathing body. Does she choose to stay earth bound and return to her beaten and bruised body and the people left who love her, or does she move on to a different plane and leave her weary body behind.

As I stated before I really love the characters in this book, the building and relationships fit and mesh well and it was refreshing to have a teen who actually isn’t embarrased of, or who just dislikes her parents. Her relationship with her boyfriend is healthy and she has a good sense of self esteem. The writing style of the book read straight through. No huge plot jumps. You really will not want to put this novel down.

Now I just want to touch on the “I am going to compare this book to Twilight” reviews. This book at no time or in no way reminded me of Twilight. There was an actual story line, a real plot,and even awesomely structured sentences. There was no character in any way resembling Edward or Bella, Mia is self adjusted and confident, Adam the boyfriend is a wreck worrying about his girlfriend to the point of doing illegal things to see her. Just so we are clear, this book is not a replacement for or related to Twilight in any manner.

If you enjoyed books such as The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray, Evermore by Alyson Noel, or Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher then you will really dig into this YA thriller.

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    Great review. I’ve seen the same reviews regarding Twilight comparisons so this is refreshing.

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    Thank you for the awesome review, ’cause I was gonna skip it due to all of the Twilight comparisons…

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    Came here off Twitter links. (IT was a long and varied route).

    The only reference I’ve seen to Twilight is that this book could become as BIG as Twilight. If not bigger. ANd also one blogger somewhere I lost the link- said that it was written in the same voice as Twilight. as in not a teenager voice but an older woman’s.

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    Asrai, there were several reviews from newspapers I think, can’t remember where I was linked to and read now, where the author of the review gave the book a lower rating and compared it with Twilight.

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