Review: Nightworld Series L.J. Smith Volume 1, 2, & 3

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Title:Nightworld Volumes 1, 2, & 3
Author:Smith, L.J.
Publisher:Simon Pulse

The Night World..Love has never been so dangerous.

The Night World isn’t a place. It’s all around us. The creatures of Night World are beautiful and deadly and irresistible to humans. Your Best Friend could be one-so could your crush.

The laws of Night World are very clear: humans must never learn that Night World exists. And members of Night World must never fall in love with a human. Violate the laws and the consequences are terrifying.

These are the stories about what happens when the rules get broken.

It’s probably a well known fact to people who read my blog that I am a huge L.J. Smith fan. I didn’t find her works until recently when I saw the Vampire Diaries in reprint from Harper Collins, but L.J. has fans and books spanning back across the past twenty years. The Vampire Diaries is even slated to be a television show starting this fall on the CW, so look out for that one. Also if you are a going to start reading L.J.’s work The Secret Circle books are also in reprint so it is easy to grab copies of those and The Vampire Diaries and the books we are going to be talking about today. The Night World saga.

After picking up a copy of one of the other series, I immediately became hooked to the author’s style of writing. Everything had detail and the situations and places were supernatural but seemed so real as if these events were a fantastic history not a fiction. The Night World is my favorite series from Smith. In the three volumes so far available there are three books each. So in essence nine books are out in three volumes from Simon and Simon Teen. The first volume introduces us to the Night World, what the different inhabitants are and also gears us up to learning what the soul mate principle is. As you read from the book excerpt before, Night People are supposed to stay away from humans, but yet an old power is awakening and humans are becoming the soul-mates of the most influential Night Persons. I recently interviewed L.J. and asked her some questions about the Night World series. Where the idea came from, and who her favorite Night World citizen is.

The second volume in the series, continues with the soul-mate principle. We learn a bit more about why this is happening and we learn of a group of witches called Circle Daybreak that allows humans and Nightworlders into their flock. They want to get along as one society and believe the soul-mate magic is waking up for a reason, something big is on the horizon and the whole world will be rocked.

In the most recent volume we learn that there are four wild powers that will decide the end of the earth. Will they join circle Daybreak and fight for good, or Hunter Redfern and bring about the end of the world? Well the end of humans that is. The stories in this volume are so fantastic and action packed I was shocked when each was done, thinking “that can’t be right, the book is over”. I cannot wait for the final installment so I can tear through and see what happens to the world in this apocalypse. Of course I hope Circle Daybreak finds all the wild powers before the darkness takes over.

I read a lot of teen supernatural books, more than I should probably. I realize a lot of them are fun, and give you a day off from having to think too hard. Relaxation at it’s best. It is however rare to find quality of writing, and quality of story, in these paranormal teen books (ahem Twilight for example), I would like to see the teens who are reading this genre to pick these books up and see what good quality storytelling can mean for how you feel when you lay the book back down. If you liked the Immortal Instrument Series, Twilight Saga, or even the Vampire Diaries, you will love Nightworld.

I think my favorite story of the nine so far is Ash Redfern finding his soul-mate. What is yours?

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    What one book would you suggest for a starting point? These sound very good!

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    You really don’t have to read them in order to understand but it’s much nicer I think if you start with volume one and go through 3. The great thing about these books is you get 3 great books for $8.00. Fantastic reads at a great price what more can you ask for.

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    Squeee! Shut up, you got to interview LJ Smith?!?!? I’m so jealous. I’ll check that out right now….

    My favorite in the Night World series is probably Ash’s book, although I love the first one, too. The Chosen and Witchlight are also really, really good. I can’t wait until Strange Fate is released–I’ve been waiting for that one to come out forever.

    Of her other books, The Vampire Diaries is probably my favorite (I tend to look at it as one long book), but The Secret Circle is also really good… really, she’s one of my favorite writers of all time. I’m glad you discovered her. :)

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    I love SMith books, I am currently reading The Return: Nightfall, Damon is such an amazing character and I agree Ash Redfern is special, I really hated him for about 7 minutes, and then I read Daughters of Darkness and totally loved him, I read your interview and It was really good.

    I adore Bonnie, do you think Damon and Bonnie have a shot together?

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    Yes I definitely love these books as well! Can’t wait for the last book to finally come out! I’d say my favorites are Soulmate and The Chosen :) although I found myself laughing out loud to Daughters of Darkness.

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    Oh my, how can you pick a favourite?! I love them all! I keep thinking ‘this one is my favourite’ but then it’s like… wait, no, this one. I can’t pick one! L.J.Smith is amazing, I’ve only just found her stuff, and not read anything else, but read all the Night World books in about ten days! They’re all amazing, although I love the last three a tiny weeeenie bit more than the rest. Time to read Vampire Diaries. :D

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    Totally loved her books. Though I have to say Night World is only my second fav. The first being The Forbidden Game saga. I have been waiting since 2000 to get a hold on Strange Fate. I can’t wait till it comes out!

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    NIGHT WORLD – i got one of these books for christmas. book 1. ive just finished it and bought the second one and there such a good price! i think the stories are amazing!
    i would recoment reading book 1, then 2, then 3. i dont normaly read but these books are so different and unique, i just go into my own little world imagening what all the people look like. i just cant imagen how somebody would think of all these!
    i just hope a movie comes out of night world!!

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    It would make for a good movie. Nightworld 4 is coming soon!

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    instead of picking a favorite book i pick characters. but L.J. Smith is my all time favorite author (wanna read Strange Fate though) SPOILERS! SARAH’S CHEATING SHE HAS 2 SOULMATES!!! Thierry has techniclly more though (hana, hanje, anora, xiana, nan, naiane, honni, ian lol a guy annette ha-nahkt and hannah)

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    Anyone have any idea as to when book 4 ( Strange Fate ) is coming out ? I thought i saw some where that it was April .

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    I did some snooping and it made me confused so if anyone can help with this i would appreciate it.

    On it says release date for Strange Fate April 2011 but on the site it says July 2010 . I’m hoping chapters is the right information.

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    Love the Night World, especially DoD, of course. I alos love the Forbidden Game (sob sob). I haven’t quite gottten over the end of that trilogy despite the fact that i first read it over ten years ago.
    Can we get a petition started somewhere for LJ Smith to write a short story about Ian and Thierry. Lol

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    the books r really good! i loved witch light it was so good! DoD was so good to i wish ash was real cause i like love him!!!!!!! also soulmate was good to!!! but huntress is like my like!!!! cant what 4 the last one!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I absaloutly love the Night World series. I read them when I was younger… okay 6 but still I love them so much, I have been waiting for Strange Fate to come out since 1998 and I couldn’t be happier that I get to read the brilliance of it in less than a month.

    My favorite story is all of them, but character wise I love Ash Redfern – and the fact that in order to make himself worthy to Mary-Lynette he appears in almost every other book, or is atleast mentioned – L.J. Smith is my favorite author and I “have” read all of her books, including ones I had to go searching for. All of her books except for the newer vampire diaries “The Return” were published before my time, but I find that they’re better written that anything that has been published recently.

    If I had to pick a series other than the Night World by L.J. Secret Circle is my second favorite, I love the witches, and although Adam was a nice guy, I deffinetly loved Nick so much more, I guess it was the whole, cold shoulder cause he’s shy vibe. But they’re deffinetly a good series to read full fo twist, turns and romance.

    I am a huge fan of YA base, and know alot of the authors personally from meeting them, continuselly and talking to them on video chats. Other series that I would recomend to L.J. fans would be: The Immortal Insturments by Cassandra Claire, Infernal Devices ( a prequel to immortal insturments) by Cassandra Claire, The House of Night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast (a nice and easy read), The Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong, as well as many many others.

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    I’m so glad to be going through the comments and see that so many people have said that The Forbidden Game is one of their favorites. I’m almost done rereading the series, and it’s so awesome. Needless to say, it’s actually my favorite, with Night World in a close second. I am hard-core promoting The Forbidden Game, just because it’s so freakin’ awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Honestly, Ash’s story was my least favorite. The best (to me) were Rashel, Keller, and Jez

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    Sorry everyone but it’s Mortal Instruments NOT Immortal!!
    Love the Night World books! Can’t choose a favourite and can’t wait for the next one :)

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    I love the the night world series too :)
    but is it just me who thinks the story about Jez is the best?Morgead is so adorable ^^

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    ok guys so im a little annoyed. i love night world but when the hell is strange fate coming out, i have looked on so many site’s and there all giving me different dates. even Wikipedia is giving me two different ones, yer you heard me write. the 6th of May and the 26th of April 2011, whether she will actuarially get them published is another thing.

    its driving me crazy, i fist read the damed book when i was in hospital. horrible car crash, was not fun. i could relate to the book, well the first one about how poppy was in hospital and how scared she was but it pulled me into a different world, i hated vampire books and films before that book. i was reluctant to read it at first but what else was i meant to do, lay in bed with one arm mangled up, no Xbox and cardboard for food, hell no. so i picked it up and loved every page. that was in 2009. whats taking her so long to get this book published, i was soo pissed when i read all the books and found out that book and been put back again and again, i no this sounds selfish but i was pretty messed up in that hospital, seriously ill and fighting for my life most days, and one of the thoughts what come to my head was, i could die tomorrow and i have waisted whatever hours i have left reading this damn books, only to never read the last. i mean the one series i read about vampires, turns out to be the one series i can never finish, thank god i pulled thought, but i am now determined to read the last book. its one of my many goals to do now before i die, sounds so stupid i know, but hay life’s short, you blink and it passes before your eyes.

    my best characters is Jez, i love her so much :D

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    the night world series is the best ever i love witchlight ans huntress!!! i love jez ans keller

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    I love the”huntress”
    Morgead is so adorable and Jez is one of the strongest charcters L.J. Smith created.

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    I’m probably the only one who like DoD because of M’lin, not Ash. (Although Ash IS pretty hot, like the Damon of Night World.) I love astronomy like her *astro-psycho coming your way* and I just love her strong personality. The release dates in Amazon and other sites aren’t accurate. Don’t go with them. L.J. says so herself, she hasn’t finished writing Strange Fate yet.

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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Worlds are not enough to describe this series. The books are out of this world and L.J.Smith is the awesomest writer e’er. I LOVE Morgead and i cannot wait for book four to come out. The night world fans are holding their breaths so it better come out soon.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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