Review: The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 5)

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Title:The Last Olympian
Author:Riordan, Rick
Publisher:Disney Hyperion Books for Children

Rick Riordan does not disappoint with the latest and last book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. The Last Olympian starts immediately in action, with the war on the Titans being the main focus. Percy is still having conflicting ideas about whether he should be dating Rachel or Annabelle, and Luke is still alive inside his own body. Kronos has not been able to force him out. The writing style is great as always, and the book is action packed and you do not want to put it down. I have been a huge fan of this series for a few years, it’s great YA fiction and I love reading about all the mythical Greek beasts and gods.

Now from a fan of the series of course I have a few misgivings about the ending of the series. I thought for one everything was a bit too easy after all the books of hard work. Percy choosing the path of Achilles was disappointing and the way he used his new found abilities kinda made the fight scenes boring. Also the love triangle was solved for Percy, he never had to make a decision himself, the girls in their own way decided for him. I just thought the ending was a bit too happy and positive for a book that has been all about drama and prophecy.

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    Monster ate this up, seriously! He read it in what seemed like an hour. I asked him how it was going and he was like, “Oh I finished that one already.” He said it was a fitting end, but also said that the author might be doing another series with some of the same characters…

    Side note: I noticed The Last Templar on your shelfari shelf on your sidebar… I LOVED that. It’s been a few years since I read it, and I was disappointed with NBC’s adaptation to the screen, but the book was definitely good :o)

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    I can’t seem to get through the Last Templar haha. I think he will do another Camp Half Blood series. I read that somewhere anyway.

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    I think that The Last Olympian is the best book of the series, and if I could, I would give it ten of five stars. I can’t wait for the next line up in the PJO series.

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    Hi Jared,

    I am glad you liked the book, this is one of my favorite just for fun series. However the next series will focus on Camp Half Blood, I do not think the focus will be on Percy. It will be new campers with a new prophecy from the new oracle.

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    Rick Riordan is indeed skilled with his mind and his hands. Only a true master of American literature and writing could have weaved such a work. I am honored to have had the fortune to encounter such marvel in a book. One might even agree that such a novel merits not only the audience of children and teenagers, but all people from around the world. Verily, the intriguing blend of modern American cultural elements and the ancient past of Greece has a certain appeal to most, and many would also welcome more work from this brilliant man called Rick Riordan. It is with gratitude and awe that I end this comment. Amen.

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    The book The Last Olympian surely is rated the best among all the Percy Jackson books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So, who is Annabelle? Did you say you were a huge fan of the series, really? I find that hard to believe, since for five books there has been a main character named Annabeth, and none named Annabelle. That mistake takes away from the rest of your article. Unless your pulling a Mr. D, in which case you should have at least hinted at that. Anyhoo, good luck with the next post.

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    Hi Sparky! Wish you would have left a link so I could visit where you put your awesome reviews! By the way yes the Annabelle is a hidden little Easter Egg for those how really know and love the series. I didn’t feel the need to be blatantly obvious. Thanks for ruining it for the rest of the class, real team player you are! Sometimes I put fun little things in for people to notice, great job finding it and I owe you and uber super obvious award come back to claim it any time!

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    hi Rick,
    My name is Shivangi. Here is my iidea about The Last olympian.
    Percy gets to be a god and he says no! It doesnt make sense. I know he cares about Annabeth and Camphalf-blood but he gets an offer bigger than anything, and he says no! He’s just 15 and he gets an offer to be a god but he says no. no offense.

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    i for one think that all the books aregreat but this ones the best. i read the series 5x so right away knew that “anabelle” was a Mr.D trick. But i think percy made the right choice by chosing anabeth over rachel, but it was oviose they were destined to be together.:)

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    I personally think that The Lightning Thief is the best book in this series. I love Rick’s sense of humor throughout the series but the last book kind of disappointed me, though. I don’t mean to say that the last book isn’t good, it IS fantastic but I think I expected more at the end. I thought the choice should be something hard to make, that he had to fight a lot to make the final decision. The ending is kind of boring for me, but it’s just my personal opinion.

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