Review: Hunted, House of Night Book 5 by P.C. Cast

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Author:Cast, P.C.
Publisher:St. Martin's Press

I have read all of the House of Night novels, and was super psyched to get my hands on the latest one. The last book left off with such a cliff hanger, I couldn’t wait to sink my mental fangs into this highly anticipated 5th book from P.C. and Kristin Cast. What I got was a disappointing short novel that spent the first 1/4th going over what already has happened, and the rest slowly moving in a way I felt was forced to a conclusion that didn’t make me want to read the next one if there is one.

The House of Night books were never literary genuis. I did however like to read them because you could be done with them in one day, and they moved and flowed well. The story was simple and predictable but fun, a great way to wind down or have some relaxation.

That being said I really think if you have not picking up the first four books is a good idea. You can make the decision for yourself if you want to read the 5th but I don’t recommend wasting the time on it. I am a bit sad to say if there are new books I won’t be reading them. I think this is some kind of classic example of the writers trying to force out one or two more novels out of their money making series when maybe just concluding it would have been best for the memory and resale of the book in later times to new generations of teens.

Again these are just my humble thoughts, why don’t some of you lurkers here on the site (that’s right I see you right there mmhm) give me your ideas, tell me I am right or that I am wrong and why. Mostly I like hearing that I am right, but I love some constructive (constructive being the key word) criticism also. For those who have read the book here are my questions.

  1. Do you feel Zoey has way too many romantic interests that make no sense whatsoever? Stark, Eric, or Heath who do you see her with? For me it’s not a red fledgling.
  2. Aphrodite being human, I think it adds to the chaos of ideas they have and can’t make their mind up where the story is going. Does this annoy you?
  3. They leave again a lot of mystery with the red fledglings and vamps, the secrets Stevie Rae are keeping are in no way revealed, they hint to several things through the novel but cannot seem to tie it into Zoey’s story. Agree?

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    I just finished reading Hunted today, and I couldn’t wait to see what happened at the end! The only problem I have with this series is there is too many books, and I have to wait untill October to get the next (and hopefully last) book in this series, Tempted.
    I really enjoy reading these books, even though they are a little too ‘preppy’ for me. The writing is so ‘teen’ like, I can breeze through the book, but lately I find myself taking my time to really take in all of the little details.

    I have to dissagree with you saying that this book isn’t worth reading. It just begins to wrap up everything that we read in the first 4 books, and I know that the next one will be the last. In Hunted we finally learn more about the evil that she has to face, and that’s what the first 4 books have been building up too.

    1: I DO think that she does have WAY too many possible romantic interests, and it does bug me that she can’t decide because all of them are a ‘part’ of her. I really think that she should forget about Heath. Like she said, he belongs in her PAST, not her present or future, and imprint or no imprint, I would just be rid of him after his part in the story is resolved. I really like Erik, but I think that he is almost TOO good for her. He loves her, but they are constantly questioning their relationship, and I don’t think that it will work out. As for Kalona, he’s evil. End of story. ‘Johnny Depp’ like or not, I don’t like him and neither does she. It will be interesting to read about how she defeats him, but none the less, a relationship is out of the question. So all that I seem to be left with is Stark. I’m really beginning to like him, and based on his part in the story so far they do belong together. I would like to see them together, and because he’s a red Vampire now and her warrior, it’s perfect. It’s not a smooth road, but thats the point of love. It’s not easy and you have alot of stuff to work out. but it will work in the end. So I would like to see her end up with Stark.

    2: I don’t mind Aphrodite being human. At first it DID add to the chaos what with red fledglings and her being ‘human’ really confused me, but in this book they really fit in the story and I’m not bothered by it anymore.

    3: Dissagree. All of these ‘secrets’ and stories will tie in together in the next book because if they DO have any sence, it will be the last one. I don’t think that they would keep these secrets hush-hush in Hunted just because they didn’t fit, they will be told and hopefully be resolved with ‘Tempted’.

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    Thanks for your commentary Sarah and taking out the time to write all that and creatively point out flaws in my review.

    I read the other books, and like you say they are breezy reads with a very teen element. However in the other books, things flowed together better and story lines fit together, not as much chaos and too many love interests and side stories going on at once.

    I do think based on your comment I will give the last book a chance. I mean not everything has to be sewn up at the end of a novel or series, but there is just way too much information that goes nowhere or makes no sense. Little tiny sub plots that are never developed and begin to become useless to the author(s).

    I guess I am an Eric fan, Heath does need to go I was surprised they brought him back in as a possible interest when the last book had gratefully put him down for the count.

    Thanks again!


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    I do not understand why so many people think that Heath should have left the story. He is just as important for her as Erik if not more. He truly does care for Zoey imprint or not. Stark does seem like a good choice for her but the series can’t just make everything perfect by picking one guy. This series talks about the conflicts she faces and it will take a lot more to get rid of one of the guys. Erik doesn’t seem like the best choice for her because even though he said he loved her he still said hateful things to her in the ending of the third book and in the classroom he wasn’t nice either. Heath on the other hand just said it was painful and couldn’t bear it, he has loved Zoey since he was little and when you care for someone that long it is hard to just get rid of them which is why he came back. If you didn’t like how the book ended its not the end of the world because it isn’t the actual end of the series. I am glad that their is another book coming because it makes me even more curious to see how things turn out. I don’t mind having to wait for the next books because it is much more satisfying to have it after so much curiousity about what could happen next. So being this harsh about judging isn’t fair to the book becaus it is a good read and it can’t please everyone. I would say to give the next book a chance. You may be surprised.

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    Thank you Amber for your comment. I will read the next book when it comes out, and I can’t wait to see all this unfold on the big screen but I still feel there are just entirely too many almost boyfriends in the story. Pick one already! Even if it is not the one I want, just freaking pick one. In what way is that realistic to a teen, sure girls crush on all kinds of boys but no one I know has to go through the whole oh which one do I pick thing quite like Miss Zoey.
    For me Heath is just a boring character.

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    Hunted was a very attention demanding book. At least to me it was. The book clarifies many of the events going on in books one through four, and the plot line is not at all complicated. Though I think that Zoey has way too many love interests, she manages to find a way to do whats necessary. If you ask me, I think that Zoey should totally stay with Stark. He’s hot, he has way more in common with her (seeing as they both have serious issues), hes way more fun than Heath or Erik, and always keeps Zoey on her toes. This book is worth reading. It is easy to read, and will help you pass time. Trust me when I say, if you want to read this book its best that you read the first four before reading the fifth. it’ll only clear things up. Five stars for hunted.

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    I really enjoyed the series, and I kinda agree. This book was slow and it would have been nice to learn more. The problem with Stevie Rae just confused me! We have NO IDEA or hints at what the heck Aphridite is talking about. Aphrodite being human made the story drawn out, and it would have been simpler and easier to leave her human.
    Now here is where I disagree with you, I think Zoey should go with Stark. Erik is way to posessive, and Heath should stay with humns like himself. I just never liked Heath, he really annoyed me! One of the reasons I read the book is because Stark, and was upset when he was in it so little! I read a series and I feel bad if I end it before the last book! So, I will continue to read it, if only to find out tthe end, but I’ll probably BORROW the book not buy…

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    Some good opinions there I appreciate them, I guess I need to give Stark more of a chance, I am just kind of an Erik fan.

    Thanks for all the comments, I am revamping some things on the site this weekend and one of the new features should be a place where you can click and give stars to the books.

    So it will be something like Pam says 3 stars and the User rating will always be changing as people vote for the book.

    I will give the next book a chance guys to see if it wraps all this up.

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    I would watch the movie def.

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    I actually thought that Hunted was one of the better written books among the five thats been published. However, I do have to agree with Kate. Heath is really starting to annoy me. From being less than perfect in the first book, to suddenly becoming Mr Macho who loves Zoey with all he’s got? Cliche much? But I do agree that she really needs to pick one already. Its getting frustrating to read about her constantly falling in love with someone new when she hasnt quite resolved her feelings for the two older ones.

    I actually love the fact that Aphrodite is human. Her humanity and Nyx’s reasoning for it is confusing to me, but its rather symbolic of human life in general, I feel. Confusing, but not something that cannot be conquered or enjoyed. Aphrodite is actually one of my favourite characters after Damien.

    I also feel that perhaps Stevie Rae’s secrets will be best resolved in a different book. There is quite a lot going on with this one as it is. Hey, maybe Stevie Rae’s secrets could help bring down Kalona? Like, fighting evil with evil or something along those lines?

    That being said, I think I’d still go out and buy the sixth one, but I hope there arent anything more after that. It can totally ruin the series if not handled properly.


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    Thanks Hazel, that’s some pretty awesome input. I guess maybe Zoey can find a way to use the red fledglings. Never thought of it like that.

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    Yeah, that occurred to me as I was writing that long essay earlier. Haha!

    I really did enjoy reading Hunted though. The teen-ish writing does get to me a little sometimes, because I didn’t speak like that as a teen but its interesting really..and sometimes I cant help but burst out laughing at the interaction between the nerd herd and Aphrodite.

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    my thoughts on hunted is that it was ok
    but i really wish she wouldn’t have gotten back together with erik i really hate him. he’s too controlling and the way he treats zoey to me is horribly. in my perspective i really want her with heath because heath was there first. they’ve been in love ever since she was in third grade. and he knows her better than anyone in this book so i thibnk erik and stark should butt out because they can’t compete with someone who’s known zoey almost all of her life. on the subject of aphrodite begining human again i kind of like the idea but at the same time i don’t, i don’t know why though. as for the stevie rae keeping things from zoey i think it’s a good idea because it keeps mystrery to the story you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

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    A friend of mine that I was deployed with recommended The House of Night series to me after I really enjoyed the Twilight series. I must admit that the writing is very simple, but is no less filled with suspense. At first I was kind of annoyed with the character of Zoey, because she was always having a pity party for herself about her parents and all. However, as the books became more about her and her experiences with all of the magic and her friends…I have really come to admire this character. So when I went to buy the fourth book, I knew I had to buy the fifth book.
    Hunted really has made the character of Zoey grow and show more depth. I do agree with some about the love interests, there are just too many and most of the choices that Zoey has made to lead to her love interests are very sloppy. Let’s be honest, Heath is not my favorite character but I think she holds on to him out of comfort, she has always had him in her life, she doesn’t know anything different. Plus they only imprinted this last time because she NEEDED blood, not because she really wanted to lead to something more. Oh and Erik, seems like a good man that I am sure any girl would be lucky to have, but his character is so possessive and will never really be able to trust her again after the whole Loren Blake thing. So yeah Stark is my best choice for Zoey, they both are specially touched by Nyx and have both had to make some hard choices to be where they are today. I am looking forward to the next book, because I am really hoping that Neferet gets a taste of her medicine and Kalona is sent back to live in the earth for a very long time!
    Side Note- I really do not like Neferet, she deserves a big witch slap to the face!
    All the way from Iraq, I give this book TWO thumbs up and highly recommend to pre-order the next book! LOL

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    All the things you said were wrong with the book was wrong for a reason. This book symbolizes the change from adolesense to adulthood and many girls have the same amount of chaos going on in the head. About guys and other trivial drama. Unfortunately for Zoey her drama is not trivial. There is saposed to be 9 books all together. Tempted the 6th book will be going into more problems with the out of hand red fledglings and kholan will be back. I am not sure to the extent of Kholan’s return but you can believe he will be in there. I will bet money on Zoey being with her faithful worrior vs. the other guys. These books are only a little over half way done. Like Harry Potter, I will keep reading until the end to make my judgement on the House of Night series.

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    Thanks for that input, a lot of people are gunning for Stark I see! I think Erick had a bug up his butt or something and deserves another chance. Glad to hear everyone is keeping up with the latest books in Iraq!

    If you compare to the Harry Potter Series then I frankly have to say that when I finished one of those books I wanted more, I didn’t have the feeling of 0_o what did I just read? It’s too messy, the story is a good one, and the first four books I thought were good, this one just seemed super messy.

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    I don’t think it this book wasted my time it revealed a few things on how Zoey and her friends actually pulled through from the chaos in Untamed. I actually think that all the guys Zoey has adds more fun to the books. Aphrodite being human just is entertaining to watch how she copes with the change. I do believe though that your right the authors of the book should start tying in loose ends and start revealing things in the future. If they dont people will start to get restless with the mystery.

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    The thing that really gets me is that I don’t feel an air of mystery. I feel a bunch of plot lines put together messily. It feels like chaos not suspense. I didn’t hate the book I mean I gave it a 3 out of 5, but compared to the other books it felt rushed and chaotic.

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    *Spoilers ahead*

    Don’t hate me for this, but I don’t really see what the big deal is with Stark. I like him, yes, especially because of his pledging allegiance to Zoey. But I can’t help feeling like there’s more to him than has been revealed, and with what HAS been revealed so far there isn’t enough to judge him by. I can’t help feeling like his battle within his soul for his humanity or whatever, it suffered a bit from the ‘teenage narrative’ as you put it. It didn’t manage to convey that depth of emotion and kinda ended up feeling as if they were trying to go for something meaningful and deep but not being able to reach it. Plus i’m a bit annoyed at the way he’s described as such a bad boy, as being cocky and arrogant, but you don’t actually see him behaving in a manner to truly merit the whole ‘bad boy’ description. It’s like they decided, let’s call him a ‘bad boy’, and then just left it to us to imagine him as one.

    Zoey annoys me about her indecision over choosing a guy, but I don’t really blame her, I mean this kinda things can be hard. Haha poor Heath, he’s really the target of alot of hate. But to be honest of the 3 guys in her life, he’s the one I like the most. Sure, he’s just a lowly human, and he started out quite annoying. But of all the 3 guys in her life right now, he’s the one who TRULY loves her.

    Erik’s being such an ass towards her, and I totally understand the hurt and pain he’s going through, but I just don’t get the vibe that beneath all that he’s really, truly cares. Whereas Stark, well, I think what they have is chemistry, and the whole kindred souls finding each other and understanding each other, but that doesn’t make it love, they don’t know each other well enough I think.

    Man, that’s a long comment. I’m sorry, in all fairness I really liked the book! Just felt it was a bit lacking in terms of depth. Yeah, I know. In a teenaged novel, too.

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    Well, I agree that the two authors include way too much of what happened in the other books. I wish they would just pick up where they left off and that would make for much better writing and more coherent detailing not to metion finally reveal the sevrets of the red fledglings that have been bothering me since Betrayed.

    1. I like Eric. End of story. He loves her unconditionally, much like who Heath, who belongs in her PAST. It’s not because hes human, it’s because I think hes dumb as a box of rocks. Stark, hmm… well I just can’t get over that he almost raped a girl and proberly did some others. The fact that he Changed and became her Warrior protector does not forgive that. If that were the logic then Darius would be with Zoey. On that subject I am super excited with that relationship. It seems to be that Zoey has become what Aphrodite used to be. As the Twins would say : “a hobag.” In conclusion, I say she needs to come to terms with Erik’s all too earned jealousy and work out there trust issues. On a side note, I believe all the boys seem to lack true depth and drive me crazy with all their unwavering and stupid commitment to Zoey. I wish the author’s would quit this stupid boy drama and focus on the plot more. Zoey Erik =Hearts

    2. YES!!! For the love of the Goddess please make her a freakin fledgling again because I’m getting pretty annoyed with the whole “the Goddess loves you but your human” garbage. AND the imprint with Stevie Rae is freakin stupid. I know she messed up in the first novel but she has become a complex character that I love to read about. Her caddyness mixed with a hidden good nature makes her my favorite character since Zoey continually pisses me off. I intend to start a petition for the writers to come to their senses and make Aphrodite a fledgling or a full vampyre. Immediately. As in the next novel or I just freakin quit.

    3. Stevie Rae and the red vamps in general piss me off too. Their secrets don’t seem to mesh well with the storyline in my opinion. It just seems odd and out of place. Maybe it will tie in better once revealed but right now its a cliffhanger. I really am curious about how Neferet made them to begin with to tell the truth.

    Sorry for my pissyness but I JUST finished the book like an hour ago and was just researching the release date of the next when I found this site (kudoes by the way on a excellent site). I am just hopeful that the next book will be much better. A bit of a let down but I don’t think you should stop reading the house of night novels in the future because the other four were written much better. At least test the next one like I intend to do but like I said before, if Zoey doesnt buckle down on her hoish tendencies I will not read the ones that come after Tempted (cheesy title btw). Hope this isnt too in depth for anyone.

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    Not too in depth at all Amelia. I like to finally see someone else who has some misgivings about the novel. I really like your take on things and thanks for posing here, I think it’s a pretty awesome site too :)

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    i personally loved the book because it showed some real life problems- not the whole facing down evil angel think THANK GOD!- but liking more then one person. i didnt like it as much as the other books but i still liked it. the fourth book was my least favorite but thats not the point. but in real life its just not that simple in what guy you should choose. i love heath and stark. i like erik but i think he is just to emotional

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    I love these books. I would sugest them to anyone. I do think She should just pick a guy. enough with drama the authors should focus more on the plot.
    I’m an Erick fan. After all the things Zoey did to him He still forgave her. I do like stark though. I think they have the most in common. Heath just needs to go I dont think he belongs in this story.
    The whole Aprodite thing is just confusing the authors need to do something about her.
    I agree about the red fledglings. I dont think stevie rae is telling the entire truth about them.
    I can not wait for the movie!

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    hmmmm….this is quite the site.

    anyway.. i thought that the books were good not great but good…im a teen but the books didnt seem that they were written from a teens voice. (i dont talk like that…gezz) they seemed fake teen-like.

    1) zoey is a ho…but gotta love her right? can hate the herione. anywho….i think that she should end up with Stark…love him. hes the kind of guy that i would date. (actually i am LOL!) Heath NEEDS to go, desperately. they should kill him off. easy. Erik is an ass. (sorry) i hate how he can just like…still love zoey when she is such a HO! and i hate how he treats her.

    2) miss aphordite…..goddess almighty…..i think that she should be a vamp or be a human….im waiting for what the goddess (and authors) is gonna do about this issue.

    3) ok red vamps….evil? not evil? can we say CONFUSING????? i was heart broken when miss twang died, and delighted whn she returned, but i was hoping that; that was it. done. no more. happy!!
    but instead we have conflict wth the red vamps…goddess! why can they get a long to defeat Kalona? that wold make everything easer.

    but in all i liked the books…and if they make a movie- which they probably will- i will go and see it. its a good series and i would recommend it to anyone…..over the age of 13.

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    Thanks Dawn it is awesome to have a teens point of view on this series. Thanks about the site we worked hard to make it pretty and make sure everything works the way it is supposed to.

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    ur welcome!!
    i thought that you could use some “constructive” critism, from a teen. i mean we do have a serious impact on the world of publishing.
    but all in all it was great to express my views to people who have actually read the books. so a big THANK YOU to you!

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    1.I feel that she has TOO many options but I personally feel that Erik would be the best choice for her because the two of them together counter each others weaknesses and are Definitely Cute Together.

    2.It is quite irritating that Aphrodite is made human because it takes people away from the main story and makes them focus on irrelevancies.

    3. Yes, I would definitely agree because the hints left do not tie in with Zoey’s story at all but I guess we will just have to wait for the next book to come out!!

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    Yay, finally someone who agrees with me!

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    This is a nine book series. Just for all you guys out there.

    I didn’t ready any comments but the first one cause I haven’t read the fifth book yet — so if someone already said that. I’m sorry

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    No one said that so far thanks for the info on the series!

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    i agree with you in some ways i see her with erik its stupid to have her with so many guys. it didnt waste my time though i enjoyed it. they leave to many unanswered questions. and as for stark he needs to stick to his own kind maybe go for stevie ray and dont get me wrong but i love erik she dised him and dismissed him then apologized to him and he is still here he has risked his life for her (book 1) in a way,he forgave her for imprinting with heath for more times than 1. he is totally in love with her. i just think that maybe they should stop talking bout personel problems and zoey choose 1 and focus on her staying alive. thats all or ill get really mad.

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    Oh god, I totally agree with you on most things.

    I read all five books just to have something to do, they are easy to read and funny, I even enjoy the “teen-like” writing, it makes me laugh. Not that they are a great piece of literature, but they are definitely a good way to relieve boredom. I like to read them, I am sure I will read the next book and the rest to come, unless the writers make the same mistake so many have before; stretching it longer and longer till they have a series consisting of thirty books, with only the first few being actually good. So, at the moment Im saying I will read the rest of the books to come, but who knows, if the sixth one sucks ass, I probably wont bother continuing. (In some interview it was said they were going to write 12 books, and somewhere I heard 9… Either is too many, in my opinion. They should just wrap the story up, and soon).

    Anyway, I have been annoyed with Zoey’s love interestests since Loren Blake.

    At first it was understandable that Zoey had a thing with both Heath and Erik, thats normal, having to struggle making up your mind between two nice guys, but with Loren Blake there it just got out of control. It’s like the writers don’t even know themselves who she will end up with. Like at first they didn’t even make Loren stand out, except for mentioning he was “super hot” etc. and then suddenly he’s Zoey’s secret lover or whatever, and after that – ta da! He’s dead.

    And then along comes Stark… He is my fav. out of Zoey’s circle of boy-hoes, but it pisses me off that she cant make up her mind. She cheats on Erik constantly, so why the hell is she still with him? Oh, right, because she LIKES him. Oh well. Maybe she should just tell him they cant be together because she likes, well, loves, Heath and Stark too. It seems like the writers are so in love with all of Zoey’s boytoy-characters that they cant ditch any of them.

    Like Heath, he was already out of the picture, but they somehow had to pull him back to the story. So annoying. And I never liked him, so it was a double-annoyance when he came back. Jeez. Im just waiting for the moment Zoey develops feelings for Dragon or something.

    As to your second question, Aphrodite being human doesn’t annoy me as much as Zoey’s loveboys, but it makes the story a mess. There is too much going on at once, like Aphrodite becoming the human-vision girl, Stevie Rae changing and her red fledglings coming along, with Stark coming, dying, un-dying etc. And Neferet turning worse and worse, with that freak Kalona breaking out from the earth alongside with his raven babies.

    I think the writers had a good idea for the story, but it’s not whole. It’s like they have just put all their thoughts together and squished them into a series of books. It could have been better structured.

    Also, I hate the way everything thats happened before has to be repeated… And with four books already out, thats a lot. The writers should assume people have read the earlier books, and just quickly go over the most important things happened before. Its not like we need to read for the millionth time why exactly the twins are called twins (if I have to read one more time “Shaunee was a colored girl from Connecticut of Jamaican descent whilst Erin was a blonde Oklahoma chick” Im going to shoot myself).

    Oh, and it left me really frustrated that Zoey and Stevie Rae didn’t get into talking about any of SR’s “huge secrets” in Hunted. Knowing there is a lot left in the darkness without actually knowing what the things are is really annoying.

    Well, I wrote more than I intended but I had to get it out of my system. It just annoys the shit out of me that the idea for the story is good but its becoming just a huge mess with so much new things coming along and the old stuff still left unsolved…

    I just hope the next book will be better.

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    Amen sister!

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    Only read first 3, but I like them. Zoey Erik!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100%. Sorry Heath! Zoey SERIOUSLY messed up her life in the first three boos. What she should have done is: Dumped Heath! Rejected Loren stayed with Erik told her friends.

    What age will the film be? Some parts might be hard to film thats all………..

    I do like the books thought!

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    I love the series but yes, it has seemed to drag a little. The only thing that makes it this way, for me, is the repetition of what has happened. I understand the use of it but still. So i do agree with you on that, but I deffinately dont think you should only read the first 4 books. There are still so many questions that need to be answered (defeating Neferet and Kalona, which guy she will choose…). ANYWAYS… To answer your questions.
    1. Every guy Zoe is with stands for something. Heath is her past and her first love. You never forget your first love and in her case she cant get rid of him. Erik is the guy that she is supposed to be with–that everyone sees her with–but I dont think he’s the one. I do think that she will be with stark. She refers to him as her “soulmate” several times and it seems to be true. She saves him and even though he has faults, they dont bother him like the other guys’ faults do.

    2. Aphrodite being human was confusing at first…but it made sense when she had to be humanity for the circle thing in Hunted. It never annoyed me though. It just added to the plot.

    3. I think they leave alot of the red fledgling stuff out b/c it will be resolved in the last book. I do think there will be a connection to Zoey, but I havent figured that one out yet…we’ll see.

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    Love these books!!! =)
    Go stark he rocks ur sox

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    I’ve been reading the “house of night” series for the past 2 weeks. Just last night I polished off chosen and untamed just because I couldn’t wait to see what would happen. As for Hunted I have not started that novel as yet BUT I can say for the conclusion of the 4th installment my “obsession” is begining to fade. I will agree the series is starting to feel like a dragged out money grubbing scheme (no offense to the writers) and I am PRAYING Tempted will wrap up the entire series.

    I thought that there would have been more explanation as to atleast some of the reasoning behind Stevie Rae and the red fledglings and why, reclaiming her humanity also affected the other red fledglings. Besides her being the key to unlock Kalona’s prison, we don’t know anything else about her. I found her new abilities intriquing though.

    Zoey is starting to become a bore. Aphrodite seems to be the one stepping up and taking charge. Yes Zoey is chosen and has the strongest powers but her leadership skills really suck. As for the love interests (if you could call them that) Stark should NOT even be in that equation. She met him once or twice, had one soul filled confession with the guy and now she’s inlove with him?? Purely delusional and I HOPE she just wants to save him and nothing more.

    I believe Erik can do better. Yes she was tricked into sleeping with Loren but she didn’t put up much of a fight did she? He should give up and move on.

    Then there is Heath. She’s always thinking about him, wanting him to be safe, worrying about if he’s ok. They have history, and he’s not freaked out by her. She enjoys eating him. They should stay together until he gets old and die by then she should have enough experience and common sense to be good enough for Erik.

    Aphrodite (I love her attitude) I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned back into a vampyre/fledgling at the end. I don’t see any other reason for her to be human again. Who knows, maybe Zoey dies in the end and Aphoridite does become high priestess and her time as a human will teach her to no be such a power hungry you no what.

  38. Gravatar

    i think this is the like best book series eva! i use to be ubsest wit twilight but after reading these books i tore down most of my twilight posters!

  39. Gravatar

    I think either Zoey or Aphrodite will replace Shekinah as *the* High Preistess of ALL Vamps. Just an idea I have had floating around.

    OR Zoey will have to agree to be enslaved within the earth with Kalona again(?) in order to put an end to him once and for all.????

    as far as guys go, I like Stark and DEF think he is hiding something really big! :) If she ends up with Heath I will be sooooo upset!

  40. Gravatar

    I definintely agree with the comments talking about Zoey having WAY too many love interests! She seems to have an “instant connection” to every guy she meets; the girl needs to calm down! One of my pet peeves is the fact that Stevie Ray and Stark Change after one miraculous act, but Zoey keeps doing all sorts of great works and she just keeps getting more and more tatoos!

    1. I used to like Erik for Zoey and was glad when he forgave her for the whole Loren thing, but in book 5 the authors turned his character into a jerk. In books 1-4 he was the perfect guy, and now in the 5th he is being posessive and bossy and Zoey has these “weird” feelings about him. Either that’s bad character development (likely) or they are setting the readers up to not like Erik anymore so we don’t mind when she dumps him for Stark.

    2. If Aphrodite is so special to Nyx, then why did she get her Mark taken away? I thought Nyx didn’t take away gifts once they were given? If anyone’s Mark should have been taken away it was Neferet’s!

    3. I agree there are WAY too many loose ends that never get tied up! Way too many plot lines have gotten thrown in that the authors don’t seem to know what to do with. It’s ok to have some mystery, but dropping a clue and not resolving it is maddening!

  41. Gravatar

    I just started reading the House of Night series about a week ago, and I am currently almost done with book 5. Being 27 I do find the story very cheesy. No one ever has that many guy issues in 2 months. Period. Hell, I’ve never had that many guys issues in 2 months when I was in my early 20′s. I do however enjoy it. I like the drama, and am highly amused by it.

    I cannot say weather or not I want her to end up with any of the guys, they all seem way to head over heals for her. It’s just a little too much for “boy” emotions.

    All in all I am enjoying them. I have my issues with them, but for now they keep me reading. Being a mother of a 2 year old my free time is very limited, but since coming across this series, I can’t stop reading. I will continue on. I read that they are under contract for 12 books, but might only do 9. Also that they might write a few with Steve Ray as the main character, from her POV.

    I’m going to keep on reading, and wait patiently for October to read Tempted. Till then I’m going to have to find some other little series to amuse me!

  42. Gravatar

    I finished book 5 and it hit me. Even though I thought it was cheesy to have all those “boys” I get it.

    Heath is her nurturer. She needs him to stay “grounded” on what is real and her past life prior to her being marked. He will nurture her with himself. IE: blood

    Eric is her lover. He loves her for what she is, and what she will become. Even though she screwed up, he wants her in his life.

    Stark is her protector. He will watch over her until his Oath is over, or until a heart is broken. She needs him as much as he needs her.

    All three of these “boys” play a very important role in her life, and I have a feeling this is all leading up to something magical and amazing.

  43. Gravatar

    After reading the entire series up to date in the last week I feel like Hunted was a rushed/unfinished product. The ending was to neat, Nothing really bad happened other than people getting hurt but they are mostly Vampires so thats not such a huge issue. The characters that were killed off (the warriors and the high priestess) were really backround niose as there wasnt enough substance to really care about them. I don’t like the Aphrodite as human plot line I feel like this should be a shortend side bar where she becomes a Vamp once again. This typically isnt my type of reading and I have been reading these books along with my daughter, but I have to admit I really enjoyed the first four and was looking forward to a conclusion in book 5. I am sure I will read the next one as my daughter is less critical and enjoys the story. But over all I agreed with your review.

  44. Gravatar

    I read all the HON books in 5 days – with 3 kids that means lots of late nights reading! Worth the loss of sleep. I enjoyed all the books. I do agree with previous posts, the repeating of what happened in previous books is annoying!
    A couple of things:
    I agree with previous post that there is some reason why all these “boy toys” are in her life and hopefully we will see why in the next book. I can’t decide who I prefer Zoey with, Stark or Erik. I am wondering why before Stark died he said that he had finally found Zoey??? I do see a strong connection between them… very sweet. But I also like Erik and think he kind of has a reason to be a little overprotective of Zoey where guys are concerned. I loved the part in Chosen (I think that is right) where they were on stage together improving – had to read it a few times :) So right now I am on the fence as to which one I think she will end up with – probably leaning toward Stark – if she really liked Erik I don’t think she would keep finding other guys to be with.

    Does anyone feel that Nerefet may have killed Loren – possibly because he really started to like Zoey? I know I read something on P.C’s blog that said she will clear up Loren’s death in the next book. Just a thought.

    I have also read that she is going to start writing from other points of view so that would lead me to believe that we will learn a lot more about Stevie Rae and the rest of the red vamps.

    Overall I really liked the books and can’t wait until October!

  45. Gravatar

    I think that it would either be Erik or Stark, becuase she knows that Heath is her past and will always be her past!!! Also, I wanted to run something past everyone. When those spiders came out of the trees or Nefret does anyone think that Stark told her about the spiders!!! I cant wait for the movie to come out well and for the tempted book it seems it will be all about boys though and hop ethis will be the last one or not more the merrier!!!

  46. Gravatar

    all of the mystery and guy trouble makes it better.but i don’t see why they made Loren Blake betray Zoey .I mean come on!!

  47. Gravatar

    1) I do wish heath would just stop harassing zoey i mean zoey tries to get rid of him but he keeps tempting and pestering her with his blood.Erik i can see her with but he is kind of possesive over her.if he wast so possesive over her she wouldnt have the scar from the rven mocker and she wouldnt be imprinted with Heath AGAIN!so erik needs to back off just a little.Stark i can totally see her withh.Right when he came into the story and told her about his gift i knew he would be perfect for i disagree with you on stark.hes awsome!

    2) I disagree with you here.Aphrodite being human is fine with me.

    3) Sorry i have to disagree here too.You cant say anything about too mutch mystery till you read temped which doesnt come out till oct.
    and the mystery about the red fledgelings ties into the story because zoey is stevie raes friend.And incase you’ve forgotten stevie rae is the leader of the red fledglings.


  48. Gravatar

    I have this book on my shelf but just haven’t picked it up yet. Some of the books are horrible and some are gripping so I have a love/hate relationship with this series. Zoe just irritates me with the way she flits from guy to guy. Come on! I’m not sure yet how I feel about Aphrodite being human. It initially did not sit well with me but we will see where they take it.

  49. Gravatar

    Careful, this review contains spoilers about the later books. A friend recommended this book to me, and even though at first I found them entertaining enough to read, and I’ve kept reading them simply for that reasons, there are moments where I want to just smash the book down and throw it across the room (and I have done so with one or two of the soft-cover copies). Firstly, Zoey is more of a Mary Sue than any character I have ever seen before (including Bella, in case you were wondering). She’s oh-so-special, has nearly every (straight) boy she meets fall in love with her, including a god, has her friends hate her for no real reason and then repent, is – of course – never believed by anybody because her enemy is a High Priestess, nearly dies… And I mention that she has one guy who is her blood bank (who dies and is restored back to life into a machine that’s meant to kill her), one guy who has given two oaths to protect/serve her for the rest of eternity, one guy who used to be the most wanted guy in the school and was really nice to her until they broke up and then he became an ass, and oh, right, a god (or angel? I don’t remember the exact definition) who is connected to her through some sort of previous life of hers. She has affinities greater than anybody has ever seen, and is some sort of prophecy child, daughter of the goddess to save the world from the evil white bull… Then there are her friends: the evil bitch she conquers in the first book who turns out to be helpful, the sweet country girl who dies, becomes evil, and then good again and ends up transforming the evil angel’s child into a good kid, the twins who start to grow apart, the dictionary-loving gay guy whose boyfriend dies, the Scottish warrior-queen who hasn’t had any contact with the outside world but decides to take Zoey in…
    I understand why a lot of people like the series, they are fun to read, but overall, the larger concept makes me gag.

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