Review: The Faerie Path Trilogy One by Frewin Jones

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Title:The Faerie Path Trilogy
Author:Jones, Frewin

Frewin Jones takes you on a dangerous adventure in current times to an immortal world parallel to our own. The stories in this trilogy start by following Anita, a young girl living in North London as she nears her sixteenth birthday. Anita learns in a round about way she is an immortal princess of Faerie named Tania, her father and mother have been searching for her 500 years and Faerie has been locked in twilight waiting for her to return. Tania is torn between her two worlds her two families and the two men that love her.

Starting with the first book, I ordered them all three at the same time from Amazon because they seemed to be super interesting by reading the descriptions. I started book one and was up half the night reading. I have read Faerie books before, one is even reviewed here on the site but never have I read a Faerie book for adults or teens that was so well put together. Of course since it is a Faerie tale, there is a royal family and the girl in the story finds true love, and finds out she is a princess, but the way Jones puts it all together you don’t feel like you are reading Disney. The books are descriptive in a captivating way. Jones leaves no stone unturned, and leaves little to the imagination, his Immortal Realm belongs to him and he owns and describes it well. What I particularly fancy about these novels, is they are sewn up at the ends. I really dislike a book and abhor trilogies that leave open endings when the author has no intention of picking the story up. Jones delights my little OCD soul by sewing everything up nicely through-out the book and at the end of his novels.

The second book follows Tania through the search of her birth mother,and the betrayal of one of her six sisters, while trying to placate her mortal parents and figure out her own feelings about being of two worlds. You learn a lot in this book about Eden the mysterious sister who banned herself to a tower when the Queen disappeared from Faerie, to me this is my favorite of the three for that fact alone. Each of the six sisters has a magical gift and each of the six sisters is given an amazingly strong personality by Jones. I relate more to Sancha who has a gift related to reading and books, Zara has a gift for music that comes in handy more than you would think the author could incorporate, Cordelia can talk to animals, Hopie can heal and has a knowledge of herbs, Tania can step between the veil of the worlds, Rathina’s gift is only revealed in the last pages of the third novel so I won’t spoil that for you.

The third book describes a war in the realm. It does so in a way you are reminded of the Lord of the Rings but not in the long winded over exerted, need to have complete silence to keep up and comprehend it all Tolkien way. The sisters get to really show their warrior side and the descriptions of the violence and what is going on in Faerie are mind blowing. I was sad when I finished the last page of the last book, disappointed that there was no more to read. I know there is a fourth book coming but I have the understanding that it is not Tania’s family that will be followed. I recommend picking these books up and reading them. I know I immensely enjoyed reading them, I have a feeling because I haven’t read many male authors in this genre and the fact the book didn’t hover on the love story and wasn’t sappy at all had a big part to play in my love for the series.

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