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Author:Funke, Cornelia

From the time Meggie was small, her father Mo taught her a love of books that probably cannot be surpassed by me or any of you fellow bookworms reading this site. Meggie was so in love with books, that the bindings were taken extra care of and she had her father Mo build her a special box to keep her favorites in. Mo and Meggie move quite a lot, mostly around Europe, Meggie has no idea why and Mo has no intention of telling her until he is forced to. Whenever they move or even go on a small trip she takes along her box of favorite books. I really loved the relationship that Funke created with her characters the father and daughter dynamic is amazing. Of course I can’t read it in the original German.

The book begins at night with rain falling. Meggie perfectly peaceful in her bed reading a favorite novel begins to hear strange noises. A stranger with a scarred face, she would later learn is a character from a book that her father read into her world. Since Meggie was small she always wondered what happened to her Mother and why Mo wouldn’t read a loud to her. With the appearance of this strange character with the scarred face (she would later learn his name is Dustfinger), Meggie finds out more about Mo and why he refuses to read to her than she ever wanted to know.

Mo wakes Meggie to leave again. She doesn’t want to this time, he tells her they are going to an Aunt’s house. Meggie had been to lots of “Aunt’s” houses and none of them were fond of or even nice to Meggie. She brought along her box of favorite books and climbed into the van. She realized Mo was trying to get away from the stranger with the scarred face, and that same stranger was waiting for them at the end of the drive. Mo was visibly nervous and Meggie instinctively decided she didn’t really like this character. When Mo stopped and the man was invited into the van Meggie was absolutely livid.

Later at Aunt Eleanor’s house, Meggie has to deal with a woman who doesn’t seem to like children of any age and Dustfinger. The house is almost unbearable and Dustfinger keeps questioning Mo about things in a soft voice just out of Meggie’s hearing range. She does over hear Dustfinger calling Mo Silvertongue and asking why Mo hasn’t shared this secret with her. For the first time in her life Meggie is feeling disappointed in her father. Mo usually doesn’t keep anything from Meggie.

The drama now ensues, I don’t want to give much away but Dustfinger betray’s Mo to other characters that Mo read out of the book. They steal Mo and take him to the fortress. Meggie goes after him with the aide of Aunt Eleanor.

At the fortress Meggie realizes she has the same talent that her father has, she is able to read almost anything out of a book. Will Meggie be able to use this talent to safe herself and her father. Will she find her Mother? You have to read to find out and I definitely recommend this read. With the movie coming out in January, you should grab a copy from Amazon quickly and read the story of our world mixed with a very dark ink world.

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    I read the whole trilogy and I loved it! I tried to read a bit slower just to not finish the last book. I read everything in german but not in english. Maybe one day I will just to compare both with each other. I highly recommend this and the following books to every book and fantasy lover.

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    I picked up “Inkheart” with high expectations and found it disappointing. I don’t mind a slow pace or a “talky” story, but too much of this story was a dragging set up with a small pay-off and little resolution. If you want a character who truly dives into books, try Jasper Fforde’s “Thursday Next” novels instead.

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    Excellent review! I’ve been meaning to read this book but it got lost in my list of “must reads”. Thanks for putting it back on top!

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    I’ve only read the first book, and I have bee meaning to finish the series for quite some time now, as they really are great books. However, I feel that Funke tries to get a balance between the real and the fantasy world (e.g. Harry Potter: platform 9 3/4 is hidden so that it’s easy to access but can’t be seen by muggles) and doesn’t manage very well; I can recall no explanation as to why other, “normal” people have not realized there is something weird going on.

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